Star Power or Team Play?

Competitive balance, what does that mean? It means every team, small market and big market has one superstar to build around. The reality of that is, NBA so-called superstar want to flock towards the Big money teams to play with their friends. Thus meaning, increasing the chance to win “Championships.” In my eyes it’s more than that, these NBA players, I do believe want to win championships, but they want their brand to be exposed to all the major network. I think that’s priority number one. Even with the new CBA, Chris Paul, still has this dream to play in New York with Amar’e and Carmelo Anthony. Good for him, go play in New York with your friends, and try to bring a championship to New York. But my whole take on this is, that if the so-called “superstars” can’t do it on their own and all want to play together, it leaves a lot of money to the other teams to build quality teams. When I say that, I’m speaking basketball. It would give the other NBA players reasons to be more competitive. Take a look at my team, the Pacers. They drafted good, have quality talent, and just looking for a certain skilled player who can create his own shot and drive to the basket. Once they fill the gaps, BOOM, you got an up and coming team. Those super friends teams will have to earn their wins against these quality teams, because their lookin at the Knicks, Heat as the wall they need to climb. If the other teams can find talent in the dirt and muster them up and turn them into All-Star calibre players, then who needs Chris Paul, LeBron, or Amar’e. In the end of it all, basketball is basketball, if you have a deep team with quality players, who cares where those so-called superstar players want to go. To me them leaving the teams they represent is creating opportunities for talent that would be slept on if Carmelo or Chris Paul were playing for them. I mean, look at the Mavericks. Balanced teams equal championships wins, superstars can get u there, but how can they win if they aren’t deep? Ask the Heat!

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