Player Profile: (NBA.COM)

*Good athlete
*Exceptional rebounder
*Good competitor

*Needs to continue to work on offensive skills

What Do I Think:

I was shocked that the Pacers selected this guy, I’m not going to lie. What seems to be the case for the selection is that, the Pacers were looking for another Jeff Foster type player. Last season they got Lou Amundson to fill that role, but while Lou was a fan favorite, the Pacers struggled on offense while West and Hibbert were out. Miles isn’t a scorer, but he’s more athletic than Lou and also has better footwork. He doesn’t demand the ball, and plays within his game, which is good for the Pacers. If he can start hitting those Rik Smith-like jump shots, he can open up the inside game for Tyler Hansbrough in the 2nd unit. Miles also serves as a key reserve for Roy Hibbert, Pacers downsized when Roy was off the floor, and it hurt them. I’m not sure what kind of impact Miles will have offensively but having another big body down there when Roy is out will definitely help the Pacers paint defense while the starters are out. While he many not be the best pick available at the time, you have to really understand why Larry chose Miles, and it makes sense. Can’t wait to see what the Dukie has in store for us. I’ll be watching on League Pass




Player Profile:

* Scores in a variety of ways
* Great 3-point shooter
* Rebounds his position well
* Competes
* Good passer
* 7-foot wingspan
* Good leaper
* Work ethic

* Ball handling can still get better
* Will have to prove he can guard NBA two-guards

What Do I Think:

I have not seen much highlights of Johnson, but the video I was watching showed me he can score inside and outside, he can also finish around the rim. I can already see him and Paul George out in the fast breaks waiting for alley-oops. He looks like he has good footwork and uses his body well down low which makes him get those post moves off so easily. He fits the image of “Smash Mouth” basketball because he scores with force and gets into his defenders chests. Being able to play both inside and out will probably get him a ton of playing time. The Pacers could use his 3 point shooting, that’s one thing they lacked last season, especially against the Miami Heat in the 2nd round. He’s offensive minded, so we’ll see how his defense goes with Frank Vogel, that’s what gets you the minutes, but this guy looks like he works hard for fun. Hopefully I can catch him in the Orlando Summer League to get more of an idea of what he can do, so so far I like what I see.


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