#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council


EA Sports had news that came out yesterday that NBA Live 13 is being delayed indefinitely, and won’t be coming out on Oct. 2nd. To some it might anger you that this is the case, but honestly, this is the best case scenario for the franchise. I know the word in the forums that EA doesn’t care about putting out a great basketball game, but I can assure you that’s not the case. EA has decided to give the development team more time to polish up the game, instead of releasing a rushed product. The decision came based on the feedback from me and the rest of the Advisory Council. I believe this was the best decision for this game moving forward, they wanted our opinion, we gave it to them, and guess what? They listened. If they didn’t want our input, they wouldn’t be spending all this money on us to visit their studio. For me personally, I’ve been on the other side along with other NBA Live fans wanting a playable game to enjoy, and I’m using that feeling to fuel a lot of my decision making while I’m at EA Studios. I have to make the most of this opportunity because I truly care about the Live franchise and I want it to be on par with the FIFA and NHL franchises, gameplay wise. The foundation of this game is important, I can’t stress that enough.

I cannot comment on release dates or the rumored pricing of NBA Live 13, but I can tell you sometime in October me and the rest of the council members will be going back to Orlando to see the progress of the game. It will be definitely coming out this year, so it has NOT been cancelled. Since we became Ad Council members, we have given the development team 100% honest feedback on the game. We also gave them pages and pages of information so they can reference our ideas later as well. Execution is the key, so just be patient.

To the NBA Live fans, and I’m only talking to you, NBA live has a lot of potential to get back to being the great basketball game we used to love. I’ve played tons of games during my visits to Orlando and can assure you, it’s going in the right direction regardless of the perception it’s at right now.

That’s all I’m going to say for now!! Stay tuned for more updates in the future on NBA Live 13


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  1. Lebron Lee says:

    Sort things out EA. Start firing bunch of people… I say from the top.

  2. I really want NBA Live to be back on top & be the #1 NBA sim game on the market.

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