NBA Live Next-Gen Needs: Falling Down, Hard Collision Animations

NBA Live 14 Game Footage 2

Falling down, hard collision animations:

NBA Live in next generation needs this, because it creates unpredictability in the game play. In past game players would finish at the rim, and just land on two feet like cats. It was really an annoying aspect of the game. In the NHL once a player gets caught out of position, it takes them more time and energy to get back on defense creating odd man rush opportunities on the other end, same case should be said for the NBA. If two players collide on one side of the floor it should create 4 on 4 opportunities or 5 on 4 opportunities depending on the situation. It’s not always 5 men back in basketball. They tried it in 2K but 2K’s fast break abilities are too broken to take advantage unless you’re the CPU.

Say the ball handler is going to the rim, he goes up for a contested shot, impact at the rim, no call, both players tumble to the floor, turnover and play goes the other way. With the potential speed and BounceTek handling controls in next gen NBA Live, the user should be able to take advantage of those situations like they do in real life. The way 2K does it, they have the right idea, but the defense of the CPU gets back so fast that you can’t capitalize off the turnover. If you’re using Kyrie Irving off one of those turnovers you should be able to flourish in the open floor with the dribble stick, to either get to the rim or make a flashy pass for a dunk. Basketball is a predictable but also an unpredictable sport at the same time, if a player goes to the rim and falls over another player, it could lead to a tweaked ankle, knee or some other type of injury. Also having great collision animations can lead to a player landing accidentally on another player’s foot leading to a foot injury. The crowd should react to hard falls also, and moan if their team is the one who committed the stumbling dumb turnover leading to the easy bucket on the other end.

I think there’s so much they can do with the new Ignite engine for the next generation of EA sports games, especially with the collision animations they have in the upcoming UFC game. If you choose to play a grind out style, bodies should be hitting the floor, and hard back downs in the post. You should be able to feel the impact of those hits while playing the game. They have the space and flexibility now to add all these new animations, and with the possibilities of the ball being loose, NBA Live could potentially be the most realistic game on the market in a few years.

What do you think?

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Here’s some examples of collisions in the NBA that Live in Next-Gen could use:

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