NBA: Should The Toronto Raptors Pursue Carmelo Anthony?

NBA: Should The Toronto Raptors Pursue Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony said he will opt out of his current contract and become a free agent, and I believe the Raptors should make a pitch at him. I don’t believe Kyle Lowry is the answer long term for this franchise if we want to move forward, some may say Melo isn’t either, but if you’re going to have a trigger happy shooter on your team, it might as well be Carmelo Anthony. Kyle Lowry improved his overall play after the Rudy Gay trade, because he had to, he was in a contract year, and most players are playing for their next long term contract. The last play in game 7 versus the Nets proved that. That was the most selfish play any player could have done, but that’s another story for another time, the Raptors can’t win series like that. Unless Carmelo Anthony decides to re-sign with the New York Knicks or go elsewhere to the rumoured Lakers or Bulls, he should consider exploring the Raptors as well. The Raptors have new owners who aren’t afraid to spend and their current focus is winning, as you can see with Toronto FC, they’re not shy to bring the big guns to help them change the forecast of their team.

While most think it would be skeptical to bring Carmelo here, Raptors need a superstar type player on the roster if they want move forward.

Think of a starting line-up that could look like this:

5. Jonas Valanciunas
4. Carmelo Anthony
3. DeMar Derozen
2. Terrence Ross
1. Greivis Vasquez

That’s a balanced starting 5 in my opinion. Raptors need at least 3 scoring threats on the floor, and you can get that with, DeMar, Ross and Melo.

What you guys think?

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