NBA Live 15 News: Sean O’Brien Podcast With @TheNLSC



My friends over at the NLSC ( released a 2-hours podcast with Sean O’Brien, the executive producer of NBA Live 15. It is a very detailed interview and informative interview about the upcoming release and they ask a lot of good questions regarding game play, dynasty and game features. It’s all we have until they release footage of the game, which usually comes last, but from what I heard in the interview, the game play got overhauled and is probably one of the best NBA Live games, game play wise, to date. Check the interview below.

Podcast Link:

Also, NBA Live 15 is at Gamecom in Germany right now being reviewed by media personnel only, so a lot more hands on articles should be hitting the net real soon. Just be patient as EA is taking a different approach with NBA Live 15 compared to their other games. 

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