NBA Live 16: It’s Time for the Ball to be LIVE (@EASPORTSNBA #NBALIVE @EASPORTS)


Two years ago we heard the words “released to physics” involving the basketball in NBA Live, but we have yet to experience that two years later. What’s the hold up? This game has a lot of potential to be something, but it continues to be something that’s not. There has been a lot of problems with the NBA Live series over the years, and for once, the game is heading into the right direction in regards of game play. If you’ve played previous installments, players moved like robots, there was no rhythm, the overall game play was clunky, it was just a mess, but with Live 15, they’ve actually made this game enjoyable compared to previous years. The problem with the current direction is that the game limits itself too much because it is scared to show itself. Being part of the Advisory Council for NBA Live 13 few years ago, I saw things in that game that has yet to be in NBA Live 14 and 15. So what’s the hold up? Why is NBA Live scared to show its hand, especially a time where it really has nothing to lose?

Let me get back to the original topic. When they mentioned that the ball NBA Live 14 was going to be released to physics, everybody was hoping that it was true. A basketball game that had limited warping, gave users freedom, creativity and control with the ball (their words) felt like they may have finally figured this thing out. But two years later, we’ve had a watered down experience in NBA Live 14 and 15, regardless of the major improvements and strides they’ve made in 15, the game still lacks in a lot of ways to be considered a next generation title.

I’m an overall EA Sports gamer. I love their sports games. I’ve been playing their games pretty much my whole life. When I’m playing FIFA or NHL on the Xbox One and I’m seeing that the physics of the ball and puck has a mind of its own, I look at NBA Live and realise, how come they can’t do this for a basketball game? The biggest differences in those games to me are the pace that those games can be played at. I can play FIFA and NHL at arcade level, and I can play them at a simulation level, all because you don’t feel that the ball or puck is an attached to the player models. Those games carry on well, in my opinion. NHL is not as good as FIFA, but they should have it figured out because they already did all the ground work, and the physics are there, and they are very noticeable. Same thing with the NBA 2K series, the ball has a mind of its own and you are able to play at whatever pace you desire because the physics are there and the game play balance is there. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away; it just has to be visible enough to show that it works. NBA Live doesn’t do any of that and that’s why most sports gamers feel the game is out dated even though it’s a new release. I think it’s time they start taking risks, and show their hand because they really have nothing to lose at this point.

This is not an article bashing the NBA Live development team or EA Sports. Its just me saying that NBA Live 16 needs to be the game that all NBA Live fans have been waiting for, and holding this game back one more year is not the way to go. And yeah, release the ball to physics already!

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