NBA Live 16: Q & A with Sean O’Brien (Via


Sean O’Brien and the Hoop Gawd were doing a twitter Q&A, a lot of new information about the game were revealed, check it out.

  • In terms of gameplay, control and animation are two of the most noticeable improvements that we’ll see in NBA Live 16.
  • Generally speaking, gameplay and animations are a lot smoother this year.
  • Create-a-Player has been confirmed for the game, which more or less confirms custom rosters as well. Not only that, but the new GameFaceHD can be used across all modes including Create-a-Player, not just Rising Star.
  • There is a limit to how many faces you can scan in at once, but we can have five in the game at once.
  • Gameplay sliders have been confirmed!
  • Community feedback has been really important to the NBA Live 16 development team. It appears we’ll see some Wishlist items come to fruition.
  • There will be differentiation in player explosiveness, for players with a quick first step. It will be governed by ratings, and signature dribbling packages.
  • Commentary and atmosphere have also received attention. Regular Season, Playoffs, and NBA Finals settings are also still available.
  • Noticeable improvements have been made to the catch-and-go, and catch-and-shoot game. Sean described the difference between NBA Live 15 and NBA Live 16 as “night and day” in that regard.
  • Dunks can be blocked, and the paint is now a “cheese free zone”
  • NBA Live 16 will feature improved player likenesses, AI, and animations.
  • GameFaceHD will only be available through mobile devices, not the PlayStation 4 camera or Kinect.
  • Defensively, there’s been a huge jump in AI, on-ball control, and some improvements away from the ball.
  • Signature jumpshots and other customisation options will be available in Rising Star.
  • The new online game mode will be revealed at Gamescom.
  • In-depth blogs on LIVEmotion and other aspects of gameplay are coming soon.

Thanks to Andrew for the recap, discuss in the NBA-Live forums here: (@NLSC on Twitter)

More information coming in the following days, why? cause E3, the game is playable on the floor

– ThaLiveKing