NBA Live 16: 2nd Realistic Sliders For Game Play- Post Patch 2

Spent two weeks with these sliders, only adjusting a few and felt these were the ones I was more comfortable with. I was looking for balance in free throw shooting, low points in the paint so that the CPU will have more mid-range shots, more turnovers, and reasonable shooting percentages. With this slider set, it will test how good your defense is because the CPU will draw fouls on you, hit tough shots, and run their offense through the hot hand. You will be forced to use your time outs at times because the CPU will go on runs, and you will go on runs. I’ve beaten the CPU by 15+ and I lost by 15+ points. It also depends on the matchups also. If you’re playing with the Lakers, expect to be down and work your way up, or if you’re the Spurs, expect to be up, and potentially give up leads. These sliders, like my last set makes sure you run plays down the floor, even if it’s simple screen and rolls. You simply can’t just go down the court and score at will with these sliders, although there are time (just like in the real NBA) where you can come down the court, get one good pass, and score. I made sure you have to use the play calling system vs the CPU to be successful. If you feel the CPU is getting open on too many screens, they are running plays to perfection, and hitting you with double screens down low, or hitting you with aggressive screens. You will have to use the player switch button and pick your poison if you don’t have the automatic switch enabled. Have fun, and let me know what you think of my sliders:

Difficulty Level: All-Star

Inside shooting: 20
Med: 40
Three-point: 40
Free throw: 60
Post: 30
Layup: 30
Post move: 30
Dunk frequency: 40
Blockfoul :100
Charging :100
Reach: 100
Jumpshot foul: 100
Post shot foul: 100
Layup foul: 100
Dunk Foul: 100
Offensive air collision: 70
Offensive on ground: 100
Defensive air collision: 70
Defensive on ground collision: 100
Steal success: 20
Tune alley-oop success: 40
Shot off-dribble impact: 40
Shot contest impact: 80
Shot blocking ability: 100
Offensive rebounding frequency: 0
Offball pushoff frequency: 80
Offball pushing success: 60
Offball jostle success: 70
*Jostle Vs blown-by: 100 <– To reduce Sliding turn down to 30
Dribble Move: 60

*Jostle Vs. Blown-by, this slider turned down helps reduce the sliding in the game. If you turn it down to 20-30, players will have more grip on the court. Harder to get in the paint off the dribble, but the usage of spacing on offense and defense is way better. Give it a try

Here are some stats from a few games I had