NBA Live 16: Slider Set 3 + EA Broadcast Cam Recommended


These sliders are good enough for All-Star & Superstar difficulty. Sliders are the same for both CPU and User unless stated other wise. Also I recommend you play this game on the EA broadcast camera, the game feels like it was built to just play on this camera angle, to me, everything plays much much better compared to any other camera angle.  Give it a try.

NOTE: With these sliders, you have to play team oriented basketball (run plays) and know who’s on the floor or you’ll end up shooting a low percentage. Also watch the +/- stat in the roster menu during the game, it will help you know who’s being productive and vice versa.

Difficulty Level: All-Star & Superstar

Camera: EA Broadcast (Highly Recommended)

Inside shooting: 20
Med: 50
Three-point: 50
Free throw: 60
Post: 30
Layup: 30
Post move: 30
Dunk frequency: 40
Blockfoul :100
Charging :100
Reach: 100
Jumpshot foul: 100
Post shot foul: 100
Layup foul: 100
Dunk Foul: 100
Offensive air collision: 70
Offensive on ground: 100
Defensive air collision: 70
Defensive on ground collision: 100
*Steal success: 30/10
Tune alley-oop success: 40
Shot off-dribble impact: 40
Shot contest impact: 80
Shot blocking ability: 100
Offensive rebounding frequency: 0
Offball pushoff frequency: 70
Offball pushing success: 60
Offball jostle success: 70
*Jostle Vs blown-by: 20
Dribble Move: 70

Stats: More screens coming

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