NBA Live 17: Wish List


EA SPORTS™ NBA LIVE 16 (26)(NBA Live 16 screen shot, Xbox One)



– Add commentary fillers (I like why X-player is doing this based off mismatch) eg.
More Jeff Van Gundy coaching strategies. Discuss what type of plays he would run in at certain times during the game
– Go through some actual ESPN “organic” commentary, especially duing big plays, and add them to the current structure.
– Crowd really needs fine tuned. We always talk about NBA Live 10’s crowd. Perfect crowd from any video games to date.
– Promote +/- stats in game, they’re really an under rated stat in the game. Sometimes you need to know who’s impacting the game vs who’s not
– Sometimes fouls don’t show on the screen, and commentators don’t know what a player might have 3 fouls. Important stats in the game shouldn’t go unnoticed
– Ability to change your line up between quarters. If there’s no way of implementing is, just do what NHL does and include the pause screen, to allow us to change line ups. It’s frustrating because the CPU can do it, but the user can’t.
– Add more personality to the game. 2-5 player celebration animation.
– Slow motion replays between quarters are horrible. Rather see the plays in full motion, with a better camera angles
– More cameras in general  *Have the cameras follow the play rather than the ball eg. ESPN camera. It causes a lot of hiccups. Pan and zoom should be the standard for ALL cameras in the game, with the ability to edit zoom and height.
– Bring back wired, although not necessary
– REAL TIME substitutions, post whistle player engagements eg. talking to coaches, refs etc. Similar to what they have in FIFA, when in-bounding the ball. It’s in the game, just need to be MUCH better.

– Allow custom rosters, player & ratings editing. Weekly updated rosters should only be available for online modes
– Keep adding more animations that make basketball sense, tripping animations especially
– Slow the regular game play down, and add more speed an acceleration to the game, speed sliders would be nice
– Tired Players. Very tired players should be more visible in the game. Have them walking back on defense to show the disparity. Give users more reasons to call a time out. This would be ideal in Dynasty.
– Better ways to dictate pace in the game. Foot planting should be felt, jumping and cuts should be organic. More collisions in the open court, loose balls, unpredictbale game play
– Get rid of those sky high hook shot cheese, and have more use of bank shots, and lay ups off the glass
– More in the paint animations, turnaround fade aways, post moves. More banging down low in the paint. Try not to have that ‘slow down’ effect in the paint. Plays should feel organic and fast. Show case the block in an “X-Mo” type camera to show physics and detailed graphics.
– Players play like their real life counterparts. Different types of personalities. Kawhi behaves like Kawhi, DMC behaves like DMC etc.
– Player in-game injuries for tip off, dynasty & Ultimate Team. Have healing cards, similar to NHL for Ultimate Team.
– Better/Improved Basketball AI. Chris Paul shouldn’t be taking 25 shots a game at times. – Better use of Synergy, and the ability to turn Synergy off for offline gaming.
– More freedom in general for USERS.
– The ability to create and draw up our own plays.

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