Speak On It: Should Ultimate Team & MyTeam Modes Be Arcade?


I have been having a problem staying in Live Ultimate Team this year, even touched NBA 2K’s MyTeam, but my interest level has dropped for the modes. In NBA Live 15, I loved Ultimate Team, mainly because the game play in the Tip Off mode wasn’t fun at all. I actually took time to build my squad in Live 15, but for NBA Live 16, I don’t even care for the mode. I actually show more interest Tip Off mode than Ultimate Team. Same thing with NHL, last year I loved Ultimate Team (HUT) but this year, I don’t care for it. I haven’t been enjoying NHL 16 this year as a game but that’s for another blog I may or may not get to. But anyways, I was thinking about them spicing up Ultimate Team by making it more like an Arcade/NBA Jam type game, with the ability to unlock moves the same way you’d unlock player cards. Player boosts are a good concept, but for me, it’s very boring and the mode can use more spice. Check the video below to get more of my take on this subject. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, more videos on the way.

BTW, I’m talking more in regards to both games than just NBA Live, cause I think both modes could use it.