Favorite Kobe Bryant Moment


This moment right here is my favorite Kobe moment, December 2nd 2012 was the day I witnessed greatness. In a packed Air Canada Centre on a Sunday, Raptors up 92-91, game winding down in the 4th quarter. Everyone in the building knew where that ball was going, the only question was, will the Raptors force somebody else to beat them? Kobe got the ball off the inbound, one dribble to the corner and splash, put the Lakers up by one. This game was special to me, because it was the first time I seen Kobe Bryant and the Lakers live in person. The picture above (taken with my Blackberry) showed the ‘calm before the storm’ as Lakers fans and Raptors fans held their breath in the closing moments. I’ve seen a ton of big shots by Kobe on television and League Pass, but seeing it in person was amazing, and one of the best sports experience in my life. Unless I could get to Los Angeles next year for a Lakers game, this will be the only time I will have seen Kobe in person, and for it to be my only memory of seeing him in live, I would be satisfied with that.

Here’s an NBA Live 16: Tribute Video I did for Kobe Bryant titled “Farewell.” Enjoy, and Congrats Kobe on an eventful basketball career, I can’t wait to see what’s next.