NBA Addiction: League Pass Chronicles

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Watching basketball, mainly NBA basketball has become a tradition in my personal life over the last 9 years, how did that come about? Well before my deep dive into NBA basketball I used to be a huge NHL fan. Growing up in Toronto, hockey (Maple Leafs) was the priority over every other sport, so I always had to tune in to watch. I grew up a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and Mario Lemieux was my favorite athlete growing up next to Reggie Miller, but Maple Leafs hockey was the most accessible sport to watch in Toronto at the time, so I watched them. When the NHL locked out I had to find an alternative sport to watch, and basketball at the time was my second love, so I tuned in. I was more of a casual fan enjoying the games, and watched any team that was on TV. I really wanted to watch the Indiana Pacers, because at the time, they were one the hottest team in the league, they were my favorite team and I wanted to root for them on a daily basis, something I never had the chance to do. Once the NBA introduced League Pass, I decided to give it a try. It was also cheap in terms of pricing compared to the U.S. pricing so it was a low risk. I loved the fact that I could pick and choose what games I wanted to watch and hop between games, since then I’ve purchased League Pass every year. It just became an obsession after that because a lot of the games were good, and entertaining.

For a while I had put my life schedule to work around the games. I’d get home from work around 5pm so it gave me a 2 hour window to do whatever it was I had to do, because tip off time was usually 7pm. I really didn’t care who was playing, just wanted to watch basketball, the Pacers usually started at 7:30 or 8pm, but hey, basketball is basketball, and I had to watch. Also with the addition of twitter during games also made the games much more fun to watch, because of the no-holds barred tweets I would read, and the reaction of every big play of the game. The entertainment factor was better than watching any prime time television show. You also didn’t need to check sports news because everything was down the time line already.

Watching the NBA just became an addiction, I would blow friends off just to watch the Pacers vs Bulls on a Saturday night, and living in Canada, that game wouldn’t be shown in any sports bar. I used to go home for lunch at half time during the ABC mid-day games and just watch the whole second half before going back to work. It just became second nature to consume these games, If Cleveland was playing Boston, I had to see the game, I wasn’t trying to DVR anything, it was see it live, or don’t watch it at all.

Here I am, in 2015, still loving NBA basketball, still loving to trash talk with fans on twitter, still loving to pay to watch teams come into the Air Canada Centre and take on the Raptors. I even took a trip last year to Las Vegas for Summer League to experience what it’s like to be around real basketball fans. It has become a real hobby for me. It keeps me busy and sometimes too busy I’ve considered it an addiction. I’m really honest enough with myself to know that I have this problem I love so much. I now realize there has to be some type of balance in my life. It has slowed down other parts of my life too. I was kind of begging for the Warriors to sweep the Cavaliers so I can finally not watch basketball.

The personal problem is realized, the season is over and it is now time to focus on other parts of my life. I am such a multi-talented person, and it’s really not good for me to put myself in any type of box. I told myself a long time ago that I will try not to become addicted to anything, usually meaning cigarettes or some other type of drug, never thought I would be addicted to a sport, but I am.

I think from this day on, or maybe the summer at least, I will figure out some type of balance. Life is full of possibilities, you just have to let your brain work first, and having an addiction prevents it from doing its job, so I plan on figuring this thing out, so I can enjoy a dose of basketball and life at the same time.

So here’s to toning down my addiction for next season, Cheers!!!

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