Perspective: Fans Shouldn’t Care Where Stars Go


(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Whenever a superstar or a franchise star decides to leaves the team he’s been playing for a long time, he gets looked as a traitor, sell out, weak-minded, and a lot of other bad names fans can come up with. In reality, why should it matter where players want to go? Why is it OK for fans to switch teams and ride bandwagons whenever they feel like it, but players can’t? A lot of fans are quick to jump ship when a team is struggling, but want a player to stay “loyal” to a franchise even during it hard times, sure it builds character, but why should a player who puts his body on the line every game go through that? Why should fans stick around when their team is only finishing the season with 17 wins? When a team has a star player, and no direction you shouldn’t fault him for leaving. But in this new NBA, we have players like Kevin Durant who went to the Golden State Warriors after being on a team who finished the season in the Western Conference Finals. Some people are looking at him like he sold out because they were so close to the NBA finals again, and he went to an already established NBA powerhouse. During the regular season, Durant was already rumored to go to Golden State as a free agent anyways, so why are people so shocked that it actually happened? I believe us as fans have to respect where these players want to go as free agents. If a player, in any sport invested a lot of his career in one city, he deserves to go to a new one to play in if it will make him happy. As human beings we have to explore what’s out there in the world because it’s all a learning experience. I doubt he will regret going from Oklahoma City to the Bay Area, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and see where life takes you. I’m not sure if he will ever return to OKC as a player, but he gave you his all for the time he was there, and his decision to leave should be respected. That’s just my opinion.

Free Agent = Free To Go