NBA Live 18: Realism Sliders – Nov 2017 (8-12 min Quarters)


NEW – NBA Live 18: Realism/CPU Tendency Sliders (December 2017)


What’s up people, it’s that time for the NBA Live 18 November 2017 sliders. With these sliders, I tried to get the CPU to play more methodical and attack less so that playing longer quarters can result in realistic numbers. I believe the “OFF THE DRIBBLE” slider for the CPU is the reason why the CPU constantly attacked the paint all the time, so that’s the reason I turned it down to 20. I’ve tried it on 30-40 but I didn’t like the results. While the CPU will look to score in the paint and also attacking the rim still, they will look at other opportunities on the drive. You will also have to adjust match ups and defensive pressure with these sliders, you might have to put a big defender on CP3 if he’s torching you just to slow him down. If you don’t have a superstar on your team, you may struggle down the stretch also, but you should like challenges. Overall, I think these are the best sliders I have done since the game came out, mainly because I can play longer quarters without getting mad about high shooting percentages, pace is also much more realistic.

*If you want more fouls called just turn up the sliders to your liking. I have reach in fouls set to 0 because I have the automatic fouls, they need to get rid of that. Turning off the reach in fouls (also steal slider) allows you to crowd the offensive player, but if you reach too much, you can get beat off the dribble, I just prefer it that way*

Minutes: 8-12 Minute Quarters
Auto Subs: OFF
Difficulty: All-Star
Game Speed: 84

USER/CPU are the same unless stated otherwise

Inside shooting: 40
Med Range: 40
Three-point shooting: 40
Free throw: 60
Post shooting: 50
Lay up: 70/50
Post move: 60
Dunk Frequency: 50
Reach in Fouls: 0/10*
Jump Shot Fouls: 60
Post Shot Fouls: 60
Lay Up Fouls: 60
Dunk Fouls: 60
Offensive Air: 90
Offensive Ground: 90
Defensive Air: 90
Defensive Ground: 80
Steal Success: 40/30
Alley-Oop: 40
Shots off Dribble: 80/20
Shot Contest: 80
Shot Blocking: 60
Offensive Rebounding: 10/0
Off-Ball Push: 100
Off-Ball Jostle: 100
Jostle vs Blow-by: 40
Dribble Move: 40

Results from a full 12-minute game: Final score 103-98, teams shooting under 50%

FD MAster Screenshot 2017-10-31 17-04-45

Game play videos below are 12 minute quarters:

Warriors vs Clippers:


Pacers vs 76ers:

Match Up Spotlight – Bucks vs Thunder

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