NBA LIVE 19: Wishlist + Improvments

NBA LIVE 18 The One Edition (142)

It’s that time to start putting thoughts into words. Below I have some ideas for improvement for NBA Live 19. I will be updating this post whenever things come to mind so keep checking. Also check out the NLSC for their wishlist thread. Link will be at the end of the article.


  1. More weight to player
    1. Improving the weight system, making players heavier seem to clean up the warping/cheating problems in the Live 18. Rarely seeing players slingshot their way around a screen drastically improve the overall flow of the game.
  2. How can players utilize space better?
    1. Sometimes three-point shooters will stand on the 3pt line rather than being behind it.
    2. Calling isolation allows the CPU to camp in the paint because your teammate doesn’t clear out far enough. This allows the CPU to easily block your shot in the paint. More plays to spread the defense out should be more available.
    3. More control over player acceleration
  1. Mid-Range Shooting
    1. Very inconsistent, even for the CPU. Nobody is sure what the problem is, but I believe it’s the take-off zone that may be affecting it. Sometimes playing the CPU you’re either shooting threes or in the paint. Reducing the take-off zone could probably improve it, but it’s embedded in the system, it might need an overhaul.
  2. Shot Difficulty Slider
    1. Something to consider, because at times there can be too many And1’s
  3. Exclusive Packages
    1. Everybody shouldn’t have the Westbrook dunks; those dunks should be exclusively available for those players. Player differentiation should be the goal for future games.
  4. Dribble animations
    1. There should be more “filler” dribble animations for some situations because at times, the ball doesn’t hit the floor after a move.
    2. Better step back jumpers for the generic shooting animations.
    3. Bring back the 1st step animation from Live 16
    4. Tighter controls, that can possibly lead to turnover if you mess up combinations
  5. Auto-Motion
    1. The ability to turn this off. There are times where the CPU will get in your way unbalancing the floor. It can get quite frustrating especially when the shot clock in counting down. Allow the user to control and dictate movement on the floor. I believe Auto-Motion calls plays automatically and cancels out your play call because player would be posting up for no reason.
  6. Cameras
    1. More cameras available to the user. Allow us to control the height and zoom for each camera. Some of the ESPN cameras are wrong (ie Chicago, Indiana). Check this video out on some current cameras (with adjustments) that I would love to see in NBA Live 19.


  1. Contextual
    1. The game at times can be contextual heavy taking the control out of the user’s hands. Improving the collision and momentum system can be key in improving this part of the game. More box out animations would be nice to prevent a lot of unnecessary offensive put backs.
  2. Switching on Defense
    1. Sometimes there’s a lot of unnecessary switching going on, minor fix.
  3. Loose Ball
    1. NBA Live 14 introduced an interesting mechanic that I wish was brought back for later games, if you don’t remember they some what eliminated the warping and the ball actually traveled from one hand to the next. It was still a work in progress, but the idea could change the way we play NBA Live games offline and online.


  1. Line up adjustments
    1. The ability to manage line ups pre-game and in between quarters. Check the video below.


  1. Player introductions. Light up the arena, fire & smoke.
  2. Towel waving in the crowd during playoffs atmosphere.
  1. Customization
    1. Arena customization.
    2. Jersey customization.
      1. Must play to unlock certain features.
      2. Mainly for online teams (Live Run).
    3. Allow for global rating editing. Adding and subtracting ratings from one location
    4. Ability to add favorite plays in the play-wheel. Team specific or player specific.
  2. Custom Live Run Settings
    1. Ability to play longer matches
    2. Timed games, Not necessarily 4 quarters, but ONE long period

THE ONE: Streets & The League, LIVE RUN, LIVE EVENTS

  1. Separation
    1. Separate the League and the Streets
      1. The streets should build the overall arsenal, the league should build the player impact. You shouldn’t dominate the league coming out of the streets. You should have a limited skill set and build it. Ask, what should you work on when you get to the league rather than being a 99-rated super athlete dominating the league as a rookie.
      2. Talent and skills should combine after plateaus have been reached.
      3. Allow multiple users to play in the same League, even on the same team.
  1. Trophies + Accolades
    1. The ability to see all your accolades from the streets to NBA Championships to MVP etc.
  2. Instead of having NBA stars as Boss legends in the street tournaments, bring back NBA Street characters as the main characters, and make them hard to beat. You can have them play alongside NBA legends.
  3. W/L records and stats for entire NBA Live career
    1. This could probably help player be better ballers during Live events.
  4. Team Objectives
    1. Win crates for playing as a team or bonus RP and XP for completion.
    2. Having a better weight scale, more animations for players to keep short players from dunking on larger players.

That’s all I have now, updates will happen beyond this point, thanks for reading.

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