NBA Live 19: Performance Conditioning For OTP 4 Quarters & Longer Games


If NBA Live fans want 4 quarters in Live Run, I think the game should evolve to fit that criteria. One of the criteria I feel they should implement is better player conditioning. The current problem right now is that there’s a lot of NBA Live players who feel the need to ball hog and try to create highlights while they are playing putting team play in a distant second. To solve this problem by adding player conditioning is that, if you expend a ton of energy by dribbling the ball, holding down turbo, reaching in, jumping constantly etc, your player performance should take a hit on both offense and defense, temporarily of course. This will allow ankle breakers, crazy blocks, posters to be much more rewarding. As of right now, it’s way to easy to posterize a players if you get ahead of him, but if your player performance bar isn’t quite there yet, you won’t be able to pull them off, unless you have the timing right and the player performance (conditioning bar) is in your favor.

If you don’t have enough energy to go 1 on 5 like most of the online ballers feel they can do, they can look to see which of their teammates have an advantage. This would help the team’s be much better and can be more rewarding for the players that play as a unit. It could also help the +/- stat be more user based.

A lot of NBA Live users want to start their own leagues, and having something like this in place would help benefit those leagues to be competitive and fair. I also believe fatigue should be a factor in longer games, and if you have lobbies, you can customize those settings. The following below are some things that can be added to help this become a reality.


Have a performance conditioning HUD display to show how much energy you have, bottom left of the screen or top left by the teammate grade are so that you know when you can perform at your highest level. Having the user bar below the player is not intuitive enough.

Session Screenshot 2018-05-17 12-02-54


Having a performance bar will reduce unnecessary activity where players would run amok on the court pretending that they are getting open ‘running plays’ but are really clogging up the lanes and ruining spacing. This would ensure better spacing for a 5v5 game.


Constant contact and collisions have an effect  on the performance bar, if you’re player is 5″9 and you try to set screens on a bigger player and get rocked, you will have to recover from it. There should be no advantage a smaller player has over a large player unless size and weight determines it. If he’s a tough guy like Marcus Smart, then you should be able to absorb big blows. Finishing strong at the rim shouldn’t always be automatic.


They have a badge for it, statement dunker. After a big play (dunk or huge defensive play) your whole team can get a boost.


Teams should have time outs depending on the length of the quarter. One time out per team per quarter and should be a unanimous thing.


UFC 3’s stamina bar could be implemented for minor in-game injuries and effect attributes throughout the game. Could be used in the NBA portion of the game as well. See the link below where bringing back more player ratings could benefit game play.


Those are some ideas the team can run with to improve the idea of longer games online, I think it would make the game much more enjoyable, and now allow spammers to take control of the game. What do you think?

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