NBA Live 19: Sliders | August (Updated 8/31 For Full Game)


The main reason I have jostle vs blow-by at 70 and dribble moves at 20 is because it reduces the sliding and it also reduced the ankle breaker animations. No matter how I’ve done the sliders, teams still shot around 50% so I’m gonna need to bump up the time (when the game drops) to see how the sliders fare. I’ve had about 3 good close games with these sliders. I turned down Jostle vs Blow-by now because the offensive player had too much of an advantage. It’s decent where it’s at now, but still testing. 


The reason I have reach in fouls at zero is because I am not a fan of the automatic fouls, if you reach too much you will get out of position anyways, which is why I bumped up the other fouls. You can get hit on a jump shot and the ref won’t blow the whistle with these sliders, sometimes it’s good to have no calls. Once the game drops I will bump the fouls up to 80 with more minutes.

The reason I turned these down is because with shot contest high you get a lot of those BS canned blocks off. With the sliders turned down, the offensive players still can get the shot off (or blocked depending on the defender) but it will be a highly contested shot. In the NBA, there’s blocked shots but more players play position defense rather than go for the blocks. See below.

Turning down the dribble move slider reduces the ankle breakers, but it also stiffens up the game play, and had it started to play like Live 18. Where I have it now, you still get ankle breakers, but I didn’t want to compromise the pacing of the game play because Live 19 plays amazing with a little bit of sliding. Unless they separate the two or if they tone down the ankle breaker animations, you have to either have them a little or none at all, but with a little bit of stiffness. If you want to give them a try, turn it down to 0 or 10 and you’ll feel what I’m talking about.

August 31st Update:

Since I have the full game (EA ACCESS), I still have a problem with the shot contest with the CPU. I decided to turn their shot contest slider down to 30, and upped the USER to 90. I may have found balance because the CPU shot 57% for a whole game then when I made the change they shot under 50%. Game speed is good at 85, but for some reason the passes look unnatural so it would be OK to slow it down, but I wouldn’t drop it past 80. Jostle vs Blow-by, I turned it down because it was easy to blow past the defender, I feel it’s much better now at 40. More ball movement is required by both USER and CPU. In the full game I started with 8 minute quarters.

Auto Subs: OFF
Difficulty: All Star
Game Speed: 82


Inside shooting: 50
Med Range: 40
Three-point shooting: 40
Free throw: 50
Post shooting: 40
Lay up: 50
Post move: 40
Dunk Frequency: 10
Reach in Fouls: 0/10
Jump Shot Fouls: 70
Post Shot Fouls: 70
Lay Up Fouls: 70
Dunk Fouls: 50
Offensive Air: 50
Offensive Ground: 60
Defensive Air: 50
Defensive Ground: 60
Steal Success: 30
Alley-Oop: 50
Shots off Dribble: 40
Shot Contest: 90/30
Shot Blocking: 30
Offensive Rebounding: 10
Off-Ball Push: 50
Off-Ball Jostle: 30
Off-Ball Jostle: 30
Jostle vs Blow-by: 50
Dribble Move: 40

Sliders with a * are subjective

Remember if you get a ton of green lights, which you will, just adjust the shooting sliders to your liking. These are what I’m using until the actual game drops. Any updates I will change add next to the slider in a different colour. NBA LIVE SZN is Here.