NBA Live 19: October Sliders | Post Update Sliders (10/14)

NBA LIVE 19 (110)

What’s up people, I’ve been working on these sliders for a few days now trying to find balance. Off the bat, I noticed that the game play was much slower than usual leading to sluggish game play. The sluggish game play was affecting the shooting a lot. I thought it was the shot contest, but I had them at default, but the overall flow of the jumpers didn’t feel right. As soon as I upped the game play to 85, I got the same feeling I had with the game at launch and that’s a good thing.

Since the development team made the CPU read passes much better, steals and blocks have been a bit over powered which is why I have them set at 0. If you want more turnovers just turn up steals. Fouls might be a bit low depending on who you play, I think the majority of the time it favors the hot team. I left shooting sliders at default, but if you want the CPU to take more threes just bump the three point slider. The game plays a lot tighter so there’s not many advantages for the offensive or defensive player.

The majority of the games I’ve played with these sliders have been close games

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Time: 8-12 Minutes

Auto Subs: OFF
Difficulty: All Star
Game Speed: *85


Inside shooting: 50
Med Range: 50
Three-point shooting: 50
Free throw: 50
Post shooting: 50
Lay up: 50
Post move: 50
Dunk Frequency: *50
Reach in Fouls: *50
Jump Shot Fouls: 80
Post Shot Fouls: 60
Lay Up Fouls: 80
Dunk Fouls: 50
Offensive Air: 100
Offensive Ground: 100
Defensive Air: 100
Defensive Ground: 100
Steal Success: 0
Alley-Oop: 50
Shots off Dribble: 50
Shot Contest: 50
Shot Blocking: 20/0
Offensive Rebounding: 10/0
Off-Ball Push Freq + Success: 50 + 50
Off-Ball Jostle: 50
Off-Ball Jostle: 50
Jostle vs Blow-by: 50
Dribble Move: 40


Game play videos with the new sliders: