Would A Preset Player Build System Like NHL’s Work Better In NBA LIVE? | VIDEO Podcast


I’m showing you how NHL balances their online play. I’m using NHL because it’s similar to what Live is doing, but I feel it’s MUCH better and there’s no players that are over powered in NHL online. No one ever complains about over powered players in NHL, but in NBA Live its one of the main issues with Live Run. People are trying to start tournaments for Live, NHL already has clubs, you can only play in leagues (professional, not on the pond) if you are part of a team, also something NBA Live should consider.
This would be a separate system from to the Live Run system. THE ONE system with more types of player presets, and the more you play, I suggested that you can get an “ELITE” or “Specialist” tag to upgrade a specific trait (2 MAX specialist traits). Watch the video and let me know what you think, this is just a conversation starter.
I use current EA SPORTS games because what other titles already have could possibly work for every EA SPORTS games in general. Last note, I make this claim because you definitely wouldn’t be able to cheese as much and more team oriented ball would be the way to the W. Let me know what you guys think!!! At the end of the video I show you the types of players you can use as preset builds.

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