NBA 2K19: Ratings Adjustments + Sliders For Better Flow & Player Movement | Reference


I was not enjoying 2K19 at all this year for the most part. I tried to enjoy the game at launch and I really couldn’t, so I ended up trading it in for Soul Caliber. Months later, I ended up buying it again for $3 and told myself, let me just mess with the game to see if I can enjoy the game. So I came up with a process, similar what I used to do with NBA Live 09. Back then I would mess with player ratings and sliders because I felt it had a huge hand in the overall player movement experience. The process below is basically what I did to enjoy the game a lot more. This might be good for people who play 2K for PC for years to come, but for me this is some what of a template for when 2K20 drops just in case the player movement isn’t what they say it is.

Also note, the whole purpose of me doing this was for a better overall flow, so if you don’t agree with some things in this set after you try it out, you can always go back and change it. This is merely for reference, but a lot of people want me to post the process because they’ve noticed the difference in my game play videos and streams. Also, I wanted to reduce a lot of the players sticking in the game which is why you see a lot of key contact sliders low. Game Play videos are below.


This Process applies to ALL PLAYERS. The Best way to do it is through global ratings adjustment. I did this with two teams first, then went back with a whole new roster and did it globally during testing. If a player hits 99 in a ratings category, don’t worry too much about it, just keep counting, all players need the boost.  These ratings go hand in hand with the slider adjustments, so it has to be done.





Quarter Length: 8-12 Minutes
Fatigue: On
Injuries: On
Game Speed: 59

*Bold sliders are important, I try to keep all sliders the same



Inside Shot success 55/40

Close shot success 60/45

Mid-range success 60/45

3PT success 55/45

Layup success 50/40

Dunk In traffic Freq 50/40

Dunk in traffic success 40/40

Pass accuracy 50/50

Ally Oop success 50/50

Contact shot success 35/35 

Ball security 40/40

Body up sensitivity 100/100

Pass speed 57/57

*You can really keep the shooting sliders however you want it, with these settings, I still end up shooting mid-40’s or below, and same with the CPU.


Driving contact shot freq 20/20

Inside contact shot freq 15/15

Layup defense strength(takeoff) 80/80*

Layup defense strength(release) 75/75*

Jump Shot defense strength (gather) 70/70

Jump Shot defense strength(release) 70/70

Help defense strength 35/35

Steal success 10/10


*CPU might make a lot of close shots at the rim, so if you want to bump layup defense strength it should be fine. I have the contact sliders low for fluidity, and less sticking.


Acceleration 80/100

Vertical 50/50

Strength 50/50

Stamina 50/50

Speed 72/72

Durability 50/50

Hustle 60/60

Ball handling 50/50

Hands 20/20

Dunking ability 50/50

On-ball defense 0/0

Stealing 5/5

Blocking 65/65

Offensive awareness 60/60

Defense awareness 100/100

Offensive rebounding 15/15

Defensive rebounding 50/50

Offensive consistency 20/20

Defensive consistency 50/50

Fatigue rate 40/40

Lateral quickness 0/0






Speed with ball (max) 78/78

Speed with ball (min) 48/48

Acceleration with ball (max) 90/90

Acceleration with ball( min) 48/48

Speed without ball (max) 65/65

Speed without ball (min) 48/48

Acceleration without ball (max) 75/75

Acceleration without ball (min) 49/49