NBA 2K21 Experimental Movement Sliders | Work In Progress

Experimental sliders: Shot contest sliders set to 0 to improve movement.

Tinkering with sliders this year has been tricky this year, but I think I had a good base to move forward with. Previous years I been able to get the “mud movement” cleaned up and that has been a challenge for NBA 2K21. These sliders are not SIM sliders, the purpose of these is to cater to better overall movement and worry about the other things last. This page will get updated throughout the year if changes occur.


Quarter Length: 8-12 Minutes*
Fatigue: On
Injuries: On
Game Speed: 50

I try to keep USER and CPU sliders the same.



The shooting sliders are from my NBA 2K20 set. I have my current ones bumped up because I’m not trying to add more frustrations to this game while adjusting sliders. Three point shooting can be tough to make at times.

* I would recommend going with whatever difficulty you like playing with for the shooting sliders and move them from there.

Inside Shot success SUBJECTIVE (51/0)

Close shot success SUBJECTIVE (52/15)

Mid-range success SUBJECTIVE (52/51)

3PT success SUBJECTIVE (55/51-55)

Layup success SUBJECTIVE (55/51)

Dunk In traffic Freq 70/70*

Dunk in traffic success 30/30

Pass accuracy 50/50

Ally Oop success 55/55

Contact shot success 35/35

Ball Security 3*

Body up sensitivity 0/0

Pass speed 70/70

*Moving up the dunk in traffic frequency and pass speed sliders help with the players overall bounce on the floor for some reason. Players at times feel like they are walking in the mud and these changes help loosen up the game play a bit.


Shot contesting in this game is not balanced, especially down the stretch. The CPU will score at will rarely miss down the stretch even when heavily contested. These are a work in progress.

I am going to try putting all the shot contests to zero at some point and adjust the other sliders to see what I come up with.

Driving contact shot freq 50/50

Inside contact shot freq 50/50

Layup defense strength (takeoff) 0/0

Layup defense strength (release) 56/56

Jump Shot defense strength (gather) 56/56

Jump Shot defense strength (release) 56/56

Help defense strength 50/50

Steal success 50/50

Lay up defense take off at 0 also helps with player movement.


Speed is more important in this game than acceleration, unless 2K fixes the foot planting tech for next gen then this will always be an issue. Fast players are still faster than the players that they should be. Most of these sliders are the same from my set from last year. I’m still tinkering with the vertical slider on whether I should put it back to 0, but everything is moving well for me at this point I didn’t want to do too much.

Acceleration 05/05

Vertical 50/50*

Strength 50/50

Stamina 45/45

Speed 54/54

Durability 50/50

Hustle 50/50

Ball handling 50/50

Hands 50/50

Dunking ability 50/50

On-ball defense 0/0

Stealing 50

Blocking 60/60

Offensive awareness 50/50

Defense awareness 50/50

Offensive rebounding 0/0

Defensive rebounding 0/0*

Offensive consistency 50/50

Defensive consistency 50/50

Fatigue rate 50/50

Lateral quickness 0/0


I don’t think any of these matter at this point. Nothing seems to work. We might have to wait until the new NBA season begins and the game starts collecting the new data.


Most are set at default, but I bumped up charge foul frequency to 90 so I can get more charge calls.

MOVEMENT: 68 for both USER & CPU

The movement sliders are a slight drop from last year. Some people said that the game play was too fast so I tried to make this year’s game a bit slower while keeping the fast breaks and up tempo at a realistic pace. I’ve tried these at 56, 60, 68 and 70. On some occasions I had the game smooth as hell, but the pace was still slow.

Speed with ball (max) 68

Speed with ball (min) 68

Acceleration with ball (max) 68

Acceleration with ball( min) 68

Speed without ball (max) 68

Speed without ball (min) 68

Acceleration without ball (max) 68

Acceleration without ball (min) 68