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Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett | NBA LIVE 10

I went back to playing some old NBA Live games (Live 09, 10 and Elite 11) and while each games had their pros and cons, I paid attention to some of the control schemes that they had. They really had some great ideas mainly for defense. I made a video about NBA Live 15 having the series’ best play calling system (below) but never really thought about control schemes from other games. For this article I’m just sticking to the basic controls. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, hit me up on twitter (SteveFromThaDot) and we can always talk about it. Scroll down for what controls I feel should make their return to the NBA Live series.

NBA Live 15 Play Calling System was their best system

NBA Live 19 Basic Controls.

From NBA Elite 11: OFFENSE

  1. Drop Step: LS + Tap LT
    1. The use of the LT button in general could open up a lot of options for manual control.
  2. Gather: LS + Hold LT
    1. Allowing the user to control the types of gather it can perform can increase a skill gap.
  3. Euro Step: Up LS + Hold LT – LS Left or Right
    1. The simpler way would be to bring it back to the Y/TRIANGLE button but putting it on the sticks could be better option. Too many commands may not be a good thing, but it shouldn’t be easy to perform.


  1. Steal: RS Down
    1. Most games have this command as “draw charge” but over the years it hasn’t been reliable. Having a stick as a steal command may cause user defenders to spam steal less and use it for timing more
  2. Block/Rebound: RS Up
    1. This would probably be a better way to rebound and map the (Y, TRIANGLE) button for something else. In Elite you can use the LT as a modifier used together with the RS you can raise both your hands to contest shots. This opens up possibilities to determine what type of contests the user wants to pull off. Over the years the contest animations have been really slow in activating.
  3. Take Charge: Hold LT
    1. Basketball games should use the LT more often. While I believe the Left Trigger could be used for a more proper defensive stance (similar to NHL backs kating) rather than automatically sticking to your match up, it’s better off being used with the sticks to slide right or left to cut off the ball handler. This control could also be used contextually.
  4. Defensive Hop: LS + Tap LT
    1. This command alone make defense fun in Elite because it’s user based and should make its return.
  5. Arm Control: RS Left or Right
    1. This is a great concept for manually deflecting passes. Button pressing is cool, but this control would be better for reactive animations.


  1. Size Ups: RT
    1. After playing NBA 2K21 and they put the size ups back to the RIGHT STICK, I think size ups fare better on the right trigger along with the turbo button. You could also include a stamina penalty the longer you hold the button.

What are your thoughts? Let me know