TLK Radio: NBA Live 13 Podcast

Speculation on what I think might be in the renewed NBA Live 13 Video Game!!!

NBA Live 13 Returns This Fall

Kotaku has reported today that EA sim basketball titles has been renamed back to NBA Live. NBA Live 13 is back, and hopefully better than ever, here’s what Kotaku posted “Reached by Kotaku, EA Sports confirmed both the name and the game’s release later this fall. “This fall we’ll launch an all-new experience that capturesContinue reading “NBA Live 13 Returns This Fall”

My Top 3 Dunks Of All TIME!!!

You know, since Blake Griffin crowned Kendrick Perkins, there’s been speculation about the greatest dunk of ALL TIME. While everybody has their picks, I feel I should let people know what mine are. I love power over finesse when it comes to crowning a defender so you will expect that in my top 3. SoContinue reading “My Top 3 Dunks Of All TIME!!!”

Going to Live Sporting games being more personalized? Pro Or Con? Have a look

I stumbled upon this article on Yahoo! about games being more personalized and technological, after reading the title, I was thinking it was about the actual broadcasting of games being personalized but I was wrong. Read the following: “When a ticket holder arrives at Oracle Arena for a game, he could flash a bar-coded passContinue reading “Going to Live Sporting games being more personalized? Pro Or Con? Have a look”

NBA Players, Are They Really The Product?

I was thinking about this all day, and wondered to myself, why do the NBA players say they are the product? I believe in most cases, they sell the product known as the National Basketball Association, the teams they represent (Lakers, Raptors, Celtics), and the shoes they wear (Nike, Jordans, Adidas). If they consider themContinue reading “NBA Players, Are They Really The Product?”

Star Power or Team Play?

Competitive balance, what does that mean? It means every team, small market and big market has one superstar to build around. The reality of that is, NBA so-called superstar want to flock towards the Big money teams to play with their friends. Thus meaning, increasing the chance to win “Championships.” In my eyes it’s moreContinue reading “Star Power or Team Play?”