The Case For A Better Broadcast Camera In Madden NFL | Videos #MaddenNFL21

While everyone is wanting the Madden team to #FixMaddenFranchise, I for one have been wanting better camera angles in the game. I love broadcast cameras in my sports games and I feel that sports games should give us a variety of them. Madden’s current broadcast camera is terrible and there are camera angles in theContinue reading “The Case For A Better Broadcast Camera In Madden NFL | Videos #MaddenNFL21”

FANDOM: Rooting For The Home Team Isn’t Mandatory

During the first round of the playoffs when the Toronto Raptors were facing off against the Indiana Pacers, most people that know I’m a Pacers would ask me, who are you rooting for? I would tell them the Pacers, with no hesitation. I knew the stakes living in the GTA, and the pressure on the RaptorsContinue reading “FANDOM: Rooting For The Home Team Isn’t Mandatory”

Photos, Video: Toronto Sports Sunday: Raptors Vs Spurs + Argo Fans Celebrate

Raptors lost in Double Overtime, 111 – 106 to San Antonio Footage Of The Raptors/Spurs Game Here’s some pics of the fans celebrating Here’s some footage by @Mantleography