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WNBA will be in NBA LIVE 18 + Demo August 11th (Trailer)

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I remixed the Trailer, check it out.

NBA LIVE 18 Demo: August 11th





NBA LIVE: Kevin Durant – March on Oklahoma City

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New video up on my YouTube channel, with Kevin Durant making his way back to OKC in a Warriors uniform. Also just to mention I have a fantasy season for NBA Live 16 bout to drop on my channel as well, I’m going to keep my channel busy over the next few months until the arrival of NBA Live 18, so keep it locked. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to my YouTube channel: ThaLiveKing, and you can check for me on Facebook as well @ ThaLiveKing. I ain’t hard to find.



NBA Regular Season Standings Prediction – East & West

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Just Missed: Washington Wizards & NY Knicks










Just Missed: Minnesota Timberwolves

My thoughts: Some folks have Minnesota in the playoffs, but I think they fall short, Mavericks have the coaching to make the playoffs in the West. Raptors regress, not as deep as people think, I think they win about 47 games in a tight Eastern Conference. Orlando, Frank Vogel will have those guys playing defense, and his track record shows that he is capable of taking any type of team to the playoffs. Wizards fall short, don’t think they’re roster is playoff worthy, so I had to put the Hawks over them. I would love to see the OKC Thunder finish 8th so they can match up with the Warriors, but I believe Dallas will drop to 8th. Utah will be the surprise team in the West, they’ve added veterans and is now stable at the point guard position. I put the Celtics 2nd because they’re the hungriest team in the East and have added an All-Star PF, I think they will do alright. Central Division is back, Indiana will find ways to play defense, but will struggle early in the season, but should finish in that top 4 category, can’t see the Bulls having a better record than them. Most have the Bulls missing the playoffs, I just don’t see it with 3 All-Stars.

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NBA Live 16: Tim Duncan Appreciation Tribute #21

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NBA Live 2000 cover athlete has retired from the NBA, so it was only right to give him a proper NBA Live appreciation video. Tim Duncan is a Spurs Legend and first ballot NBA Hall of Famer, check the video below and relive some of the best moments of his career.


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Perspective: Fans Shouldn’t Care Where Stars Go

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(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Whenever a superstar or a franchise star decides to leaves the team he’s been playing for a long time, he gets looked as a traitor, sell out, weak-minded, and a lot of other bad names fans can come up with. In reality, why should it matter where players want to go? Why is it OK for fans to switch teams and ride bandwagons whenever they feel like it, but players can’t? A lot of fans are quick to jump ship when a team is struggling, but want a player to stay “loyal” to a franchise even during it hard times, sure it builds character, but why should a player who puts his body on the line every game go through that? Why should fans stick around when their team is only finishing the season with 17 wins? When a team has a star player, and no direction you shouldn’t fault him for leaving. But in this new NBA, we have players like Kevin Durant who went to the Golden State Warriors after being on a team who finished the season in the Western Conference Finals. Some people are looking at him like he sold out because they were so close to the NBA finals again, and he went to an already established NBA powerhouse. During the regular season, Durant was already rumored to go to Golden State as a free agent anyways, so why are people so shocked that it actually happened? I believe us as fans have to respect where these players want to go as free agents. If a player, in any sport invested a lot of his career in one city, he deserves to go to a new one to play in if it will make him happy. As human beings we have to explore what’s out there in the world because it’s all a learning experience. I doubt he will regret going from Oklahoma City to the Bay Area, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and see where life takes you. I’m not sure if he will ever return to OKC as a player, but he gave you his all for the time he was there, and his decision to leave should be respected. That’s just my opinion.

Free Agent = Free To Go



FANDOM: Rooting For The Home Team Isn’t Mandatory

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During the first round of the playoffs when the Toronto Raptors were facing off against the Indiana Pacers, most people that know I’m a Pacers would ask me, who are you rooting for? I would tell them the Pacers, with no hesitation. I knew the stakes living in the GTA, and the pressure on the Raptors to get out of the first round, but still I was rooting for my squad. One Raptors fan on YouTube went as far as saying that I am a sell out to my city because I am rooting for the Pacers, but Why? I have been rooting for the Pacers before the Raptors came into existence. I grew up a huge Reggie Miller fan, which is why I am even a Pacers fan to this day. I have also been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since my childhood also, even though growing up I watched more Maple Leafs than Penguins. Mario Lemieux is also my favorite player of all time, so there’s that. Being a fan of a team in my opinion consists of three things, the team’s reputation, history of winning and if you’re born into the fandom; which a lot of Maple Leafs fans are. While the Pacers have been consistently competitive over the years, but never won an NBA championship, they have made the conference finals plenty of times, while the Penguins just won their 4th Stanley Cup this season. What has any of the Toronto major sports teams done to make me switch to being a “true” Toronto sports fan? It all began with the management during a poor stretch where the teams had no direction, no pulse for winning and was just in it to make money. There was a lot to not like about the way Toronto teams used to operate, and living in Toronto witnessing it first hand, it was never worth the stress to dive deep in Toronto sports fandom, even when I wanted them to turn it around.

Toronto teams recently got new ownership in Rogers and Bell, and now the focus has turned to winning. Since they took over, the city’s teams have been competitive and even making the playoffs, when the Maple Leafs made the playoffs it showed the city’s true potential when you put winning teams out there. I am happy for the turnaround, I root for the teams and go to the games, but I will not root for them when my true teams are facing them, but why? I have come to the conclusion that my love for the Pacers and Penguins have nothing to do with the cities they reside in. I have never been to Pittsburgh, and I have never set foot in Indiana but I love their teams, they have my loyalty. I look at it as brand loyalty in a lot of ways because to me sports is entertainment, it’s a business as well. The best thing about living in a major city like Toronto is that you have access to Major League Sports, and you have options to purchase tickets to be entertained by them whether it’s the NBA or NHL, not a lot of cities can say that. To me its more about accessibility if you can afford to go to the games. It’s better and cheaper than traveling abroad and paying a lot more money to see your team play.

You have to look at it at that perspective, that’s my perspective anyways. If the Raptors win the NBA Championship or the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup, regardless of what happened during the playoff, I will be there to be apart of the celebration. Anytime you can witness your own city celebrate a Major League Championship you do it. There’s people in Toronto that hate Toronto teams with a passion, I am not one of those people, I actually want to see them succeed and do good, because it’s healthy to win. Every fan that roots for outside teams always has the options to root for the home team if they choose too, and the owners who own these teams can always try to gain new fans, it’s all a choice, but at the end of the day, loyalty always wins, wherever your heart is, that’s where you’ll go.

NBA All Star Toronto – Paul George, Bun B & Rising Star Challenge

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tlklAllstarTO1 STF

Had a chance to attend the BBVA Rising Star Challenge at the Air Canada Centre, and it felt great to scratch an All Star event off my bucket list. I really want to attend ASW in Charlotte next year now, who knows, maybe you’ll see me there. Check the photos and video below

Photos can be found on my Facebook: FACEBOOK: NBA ALL STAR TORONTO PICTURES


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