NBA Live 18: Kevin Durant – Champion #DubNation

New NBA Live 18 video starring Kevin Durant. Champion. Although people don’t like what he did, for me, you have to do what’s in your own best interest in life. Salute on being a champion KD. TLK. Also hit up who is letting me use his FIRE beats. Check out his photography.

NBA LIVE 18: Some Ideas for Improving Game Play

Tone down the rebound dunks I’ve adjusted the sliders and it seemed to tone it down Free throw Window MAY be too short I think you can reduce the speed of the shot meter for better shooters Torpedo standing dunk Seems to be unstoppable There’s no gather before it which makes it annoying It getsContinue reading “NBA LIVE 18: Some Ideas for Improving Game Play”

NBA Live 18: The Drew League & Dyckman League Game Play – THE ONE

Check out some footage of some great game from THE ONE mode in NBA Live 18. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel. THE DYCKMAN LEAGUE GAME PLAY THE DREW LEAGUE GAME PLAY – FULL GAME   enjoy TLK

NBA LIVE 18: Cavs vs Warriors Game Play + Vs CPU Sliders – Updated 8/17

  Difficulty: All Star Game Speed: 65-75 – 72 is my default BLACK is the original sliders DARK ORANGE is the updated sliders August 12th, 2017 BLUE is the updated sliders August 17th, 2017 Inside shooting 20/20 Med Range: 40/40 -30/30 Three-point shooting: 50/50 – 40/40 Free throw: 80/80 – 70/70 Post shooting: 30/30 Lay up: 30/30 –Continue reading “NBA LIVE 18: Cavs vs Warriors Game Play + Vs CPU Sliders – Updated 8/17”

NHL 17 – Realism Sliders – July 2017

GENERAL *Game play Version: Always save a new one Game Style – SIMULATION (WILL BE CUSTOM AFTER TWEAKS) Attribute Effects: 6 Broken Stick Frequency: 30 Game Speed: 2/6 Fatigue Effect: 60 Fatigue Recovery: 47 Injury Occurrence: 49 SKATING Back Skating: 60 Hustle Type: Authentic Puck Carrier Agility: 60 Puck Carrier Skating: 60 Player Acceleration: 65Continue reading “NHL 17 – Realism Sliders – July 2017”