NBA 2K23 BFTGU Custom Base Sliders | Next Generation

These are BASE SLIDERS, you can make them harder or much more easier. The main focus is better game play flow for a HIGHER GAME SPEED. #NBA2K23 Next Generation

NBA 2K21 Experimental Movement Sliders | Work In Progress

Tinkering with sliders this year has been tricky this year, but I think I had a good base to move forward with. Previous years I been able to get the “mud movement” cleaned up and that has been a challenge for NBA 2K21. These sliders are not SIM sliders, the purpose of these is toContinue reading “NBA 2K21 Experimental Movement Sliders | Work In Progress”

NBA 2K17: You Hungry? Ft. Paul George

I remade NBA 2K’s Momentous trailer and put my own spin on it. Video is below, also check out my Youtube channel, like and subscribe if you like my content. Enjoy. Subscribe:┬áThaLiveKing on Youtube