NHL 18: Realism Sliders Oct ’17 | Updated (11/07/17)

Purpose: Trying to mimic real pace of the NHL, not just “Run & Gun” style of the “NEW NHL” Allows user/CPU to be more disciplined on defense, might result in less penalties (unless you turn them sliders up). If you beat the CPU it will force them to either catch up or take a penalty.Continue reading “NHL 18: Realism Sliders Oct ’17 | Updated (11/07/17)”

NBA LIVE 18: Some Ideas for Improving Game Play

Tone down the rebound dunks I’ve adjusted the sliders and it seemed to tone it down Free throw Window MAY be too short I think you can reduce the speed of the shot meter for better shooters Torpedo standing dunk Seems to be unstoppable There’s no gather before it which makes it annoying It getsContinue reading “NBA LIVE 18: Some Ideas for Improving Game Play”