NBA Live 19: Sliders | August (Updated 8/31 For Full Game)

JOSTLE VS BLOW-BY & DRIBBLE MOVES The main reason I have jostle vs blow-by at 70 and dribble moves at 20 is because it reduces the sliding and it also reduced the ankle breaker animations. No matter how I’ve done the sliders, teams still shot around 50% so I’m gonna need to bump up theContinue reading “NBA Live 19: Sliders | August (Updated 8/31 For Full Game)”

Photos + Video: Toronto Raptors Home Opener Vs Boston Celtics

The Toronto Raptors ended up beating the Boston Celtics 93-87 in their home opener, great game to start off the season PHOTOS: Me with the Dance Pak Smoke After The Intro Live VIDEO: Raptors Introduction Video Terrence Ross Half Time Buzzer Beater: