NBA Live 16: Q & A with Sean O’Brien (Via

Sean O’Brien and the Hoop Gawd were doing a twitter Q&A, a lot of new information about the game were revealed, check it out. In terms of gameplay, control and animation are two of the most noticeable improvements that we’ll see in NBA Live 16. Generally speaking, gameplay and animations are a lot smoother thisContinue reading “NBA Live 16: Q & A with Sean O’Brien (Via”

NBA Live 16: E3 Game play trailer + Game play improvements

Game play Improvements: PASSING This was a sticking point in year’s past. Running a fast-break used to be a chore, but not anymore. For real though, they added a TON of new pass and catch animations. More variety means players move the ball with more intent – and it looks more natural. They’ve also uppedContinue reading “NBA Live 16: E3 Game play trailer + Game play improvements”

NBA Live 14 E3 Demonstration Video

Machinima affiliate xHaVoC83x has posted a clip from the NBA Live 14 demonstration during EA’s press conference at E3 2013. It features executive producer Sean O’Brien and possible cover player Kyrie Irving on-stage talking about the game, running down the features that were added to the official website. The clip concludes with the CGI trailerContinue reading “NBA Live 14 E3 Demonstration Video”

NBA Live 14: In Game Footage + Trailer

At today’s EA SPORTS E3 press conference they officially showed NBA Live 14 and brought out Kyrie Irving as their spokesman. They showed Kyrie dribbling the ball in real time, but the official trailer was pre-rendered. I don’t think the whole trailer was pre-rendered though, because you can see the visuals morph into the actualContinue reading “NBA Live 14: In Game Footage + Trailer”