NBA Live 18: EPIC Throwback Classic Games

Roster editing is now in NBA Live 18, so throwback games are possible when you tinker with the line ups. I got two classic match ups, one between the Heat & Bulls, the other an All-Time Raptors squad vs the 73-9 Golden State Warriors. Mash Up Heat vs Throwback Bulls – LeBron James 54 pointsContinue reading “NBA Live 18: EPIC Throwback Classic Games”

NBA Live 18: Roster Editing and Saves Now Available

Roster editing is now available in NBA Live 18. Today’s patch gives us old school type mechanics to edit player ratings, accessories, manage rosters including player rotations, minutes and gives us access to the free agent pool. You can also create up to 135 players. This is huge for the NBA Live community as mostContinue reading “NBA Live 18: Roster Editing and Saves Now Available”

NBA Live 18: Game Play Sliders – Oct 2017 – Updated 10/06

I’ve been experimenting for the last few weeks, turning up all sliders to 100, and then all the zero and tuning them, these current ones are the ones that I tuned from 100-0, and I think they work out pretty fine in terms of overall game play balance vs the CPU and flow of theContinue reading “NBA Live 18: Game Play Sliders – Oct 2017 – Updated 10/06”

NHL 18: Realism Sliders Oct ’17 | Updated (11/07/17)

Purpose: Trying to mimic real pace of the NHL, not just “Run & Gun” style of the “NEW NHL” Allows user/CPU to be more disciplined on defense, might result in less penalties (unless you turn them sliders up). If you beat the CPU it will force them to either catch up or take a penalty.Continue reading “NHL 18: Realism Sliders Oct ’17 | Updated (11/07/17)”

NBA Live 18: We Are LIVE | NBA Season Trailer (Video)

What’s up people, I’m back at it again this year with a new NBA Live 18, NBA season trailer. You can check the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel when you’re done!!! ENJOY. TLK

NBA Live 18: Game Play Sliders – Sept 2017 + Game Play Footage

Minutes: 8 Minute Quarters Auto Subs: On Difficulty: All Star Game Speed: 81 USER/CPU are the same Inside shooting: 50 Med Range: 50 Three-point shooting: 50 Free throw: 60 Post shooting: 50 Lay up: 40 Post move: 50 Dunk Frequency: *30 Reach in Fouls: 40 Jump Shot Fouls: 60 Post Shot Fouls: 70 Lay UpContinue reading “NBA Live 18: Game Play Sliders – Sept 2017 + Game Play Footage”

NBA Live 18: James Harden – LAUNCH (TLK Trailer)

Back at it for the new season. Check out my new video for NBA Live 18 cover athlete James Harden. It’s short but sweet.   ALSO, if you haven’t seen my Kyrie Irving & Steph Curry NBA Live 18 videos, they are below. Don’t forget to hit that like & subscribe button on the YoutubeContinue reading “NBA Live 18: James Harden – LAUNCH (TLK Trailer)”