NBA Live To Use New A.I. Motion Tech For Future Games? | PDF & Videos

How AI technology can help reduce man hours in the animation department The problems that has plagued NBA Live over the years have mainly been a lack of depth and animation quality. As many of us know their development team is relatively small, so the amount of work was probably staggering in order to keepContinue reading “NBA Live To Use New A.I. Motion Tech For Future Games? | PDF & Videos”

NBA Live 14: In Game Footage + Trailer

At today’s EA SPORTS E3 press conference they officially showed NBA Live 14 and brought out Kyrie Irving as their spokesman. They showed Kyrie dribbling the ball in real time, but the official trailer was pre-rendered. I don’t think the whole trailer was pre-rendered though, because you can see the visuals morph into the actualContinue reading “NBA Live 14: In Game Footage + Trailer”

#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council

  EA Sports had news that came out yesterday that NBA Live 13 is being delayed indefinitely, and won’t be coming out on Oct. 2nd. To some it might anger you that this is the case, but honestly, this is the best case scenario for the franchise. I know the word in the forums thatContinue reading “#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council”