NBA Live 16: Game Play Footage (IGN)

What do you guys think? The game looks much improved, can’t wait to try the final product -ThaLiveKing

NBA Live 15: All of My Game Play Videos (Youtube) #NBALIVE15

Here’s my day one impressions with NBA Live 15 on EA Access, I will have a more in-depth review once the game officially releases. I’m just enjoying the game play right now and haven’t gone into any modes, I will do that once I get the game, especially Ultimate Team. Enjoy the videos, more toContinue reading “NBA Live 15: All of My Game Play Videos (Youtube) #NBALIVE15”

NBA Live 15: More Game play footage (#NBALIVE15)

Newly EA SPORTS Game Changer TicoisTocory Perez was invited to Orlando to capture some gameplay footage: Check em out and get your fix in!!! Subscribe to his account here: Check the videos below: – ThaLiveKing Also check my Youtube Account for some official game play footage at I will have videos all year long!!

NBA LIVE 15: First Official Game play (Twitch Stream Archive)

In case you missed the stream earlier, the guys over there at Tiburon Studios showcased some game play of NBA Live 15. The game looks much improved, and looks like a lot of animations have been added to the game. I suggest, when you watch the video, to just look at the little things thatContinue reading “NBA LIVE 15: First Official Game play (Twitch Stream Archive)”

NBA Live 15: The Rebel With Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen (In Game Footage) #NBALIVE15

Trailer I made with some new footage of NBA Live 15, check it out. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: ThaLiveKing for more videos once NBA Live 15 drops -TLK