Perspective: Fans Shouldn’t Care Where Stars Go

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Whenever a superstar or a franchise star decides to leaves the team he’s been playing for a long time, he gets looked as a traitor, sell out, weak-minded, and a lot of other bad names fans can come up with. In reality, why should it matter where players want to go? Why is itContinue reading “Perspective: Fans Shouldn’t Care Where Stars Go”

NBA: Should The Toronto Raptors Pursue Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony said he will opt out of his current contract and become a free agent, and I believe the Raptors should make a pitch at him. I don’t believe Kyle Lowry is the answer long term for this franchise if we want to move forward, some may say Melo isn’t either, but if you’reContinue reading “NBA: Should The Toronto Raptors Pursue Carmelo Anthony?”