NBA 2K23 BFTGU Custom Base Sliders | Next Generation

These are BASE SLIDERS, you can make them harder or much more easier. The main focus is better game play flow for a HIGHER GAME SPEED. #NBA2K23 Next Generation

NBA 2K21 Experimental Movement Sliders | Work In Progress

Tinkering with sliders this year has been tricky this year, but I think I had a good base to move forward with. Previous years I been able to get the “mud movement” cleaned up and that has been a challenge for NBA 2K21. These sliders are not SIM sliders, the purpose of these is toContinue reading “NBA 2K21 Experimental Movement Sliders | Work In Progress”

NBA Live 19: ‘Free Flowing’ Game Play Sliders | December ’18

The goal with these sliders was to see if I can reduce a lot of the suction in the game allowing for more free flowing game play. I have not tried these with franchise yet but if you do, let me know if they fit the bill. The dev team is looking to clean upContinue reading “NBA Live 19: ‘Free Flowing’ Game Play Sliders | December ’18”

NBA Live 19: October Sliders | Post Update Sliders (10/14)

What’s up people, I’ve been working on these sliders for a few days now trying to find balance. Off the bat, I noticed that the game play was much slower than usual leading to sluggish game play. The sluggish game play was affecting the shooting a lot. I thought it was the shot contest, butContinue reading “NBA Live 19: October Sliders | Post Update Sliders (10/14)”

NBA Live 19: September Sliders | 9/26

I had to go back and reset the sliders because I believed that if you tweak them too much, it starts to effect the player movement. With these sliders I tried not to move anything below 50 unless it felt over powered. Some dunks and blocks felt over powered so those are the only slidersContinue reading “NBA Live 19: September Sliders | 9/26”

NBA Live 19: Game Play Videos | YouTube

Pacers vs Lakers Blazers vs Rockets Jazz vs Raptors Knicks vs Thunder Wolves vs Sixers Bulls vs Bucks Lakers vs Clippers Nets vs Cavaliers Enjoy Discussion: NLSC Game Play Discussion TLK If you’re looking for sliders, check the link below NBA Live 19 – Sliders (8/31 Updated)

NBA Live 19: Performance Conditioning For OTP 4 Quarters & Longer Games

If NBA Live fans want 4 quarters in Live Run, I think the game should evolve to fit that criteria. One of the criteria I feel they should implement is better player conditioning. The current problem right now is that there’s a lot of NBA Live players who feel the need to ball hog andContinue reading “NBA Live 19: Performance Conditioning For OTP 4 Quarters & Longer Games”

NBA Live 18: Rockets vs Warriors | EPIC Playoff Series (7 Games)

Photos From An EPIC series This is a legit series. I played all games with 12 minute quarters with my current slider set and I got 7 legit games. It was truly fun to play. The games were played over a span of 3 weeks. I was using the Rockets trying to knock off theContinue reading “NBA Live 18: Rockets vs Warriors | EPIC Playoff Series (7 Games)”

NHL 18: Realism Sliders (March 2018)

These sliders are modified from the FULL SIM presets. Purpose: Trying to mimic real pace of the NHL, not the “Run & Gun” style of the “NEW NHL” Allows user/CPU to be more disciplined on defense, might result in less penalties (unless you turn them sliders up). If you beat the CPU it will forceContinue reading “NHL 18: Realism Sliders (March 2018)”

FIFA 18: The Beautiful Game | Spotlight

I normally do NBA spotlights, but I have now ventured into FIFA 18. This is my first ever FIFA mix, and I think it came out pretty good. Let me know what you guys think in the comment box on YouTube, and also don’t forget to like & Subscribe. ENJOY. TLK