NBA LIVE 20: Wishlist

1. PLAY CALLING/COACHING Inbound plays need to be more accessible and not just available after a time out You cannot do anything or much of anything during cut scenes, that time during replays or substitution should allow you to make on the fly coaching changes before the next play goes live  ATO plays should beContinue reading “NBA LIVE 20: Wishlist”

NBA Live 18: Post All-Star Patch Sliders (Updated April 2nd)

I might have some slight adjustments in the future but these are my current sliders post All Star patch for February 2018. I’ve had some amazing games with these sliders, game play videos are below. Hit me up on twitter or YouTube (@ThaLiveKing) and let me know if you like em or not. Sliders areContinue reading “NBA Live 18: Post All-Star Patch Sliders (Updated April 2nd)”

NBA LIVE 19: Wishlist + Improvments

It’s that time to start putting thoughts into words. Below I have some ideas for improvement for NBA Live 19. I will be updating this post whenever things come to mind so keep checking. Also check out the NLSC for their wishlist thread. Link will be at the end of the article.  GAME PLAY MoreContinue reading “NBA LIVE 19: Wishlist + Improvments”

NBA LIVE 18: Talking Player Speed & Acceleration + Mid-Range Game Problem (Podcast)

New TLK episode talking about overall game speed, individual player speed & acceleration. I think this is something that needs sliders and can possibly help the game play much more realistic in a lot of ways. Check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. ENJOY.   TLK

NHL 17: Balance Between Simulation & Arcade Sliders Post Patch – 01/26/17

General *Game play Version: Always save a new one Game Style – CUSTOM Attribute Effects: 5 Broken Stick Frequency: 30 Game Speed: 2/6 Fatigue Effect: 55 Fatigue Recovery: 45 Injury Occurrence: 50 Skating Back Skating: 85 Hustle Type: Authentic Puck Carrier Agility: 52 Puck Carrier Skating: 52 Player Acceleration: 86 Skating Speed: 65 Skating Agility:Continue reading “NHL 17: Balance Between Simulation & Arcade Sliders Post Patch – 01/26/17”

NBA Live 16: E3 Game play trailer + Game play improvements

Game play Improvements: PASSING This was a sticking point in year’s past. Running a fast-break used to be a chore, but not anymore. For real though, they added a TON of new pass and catch animations. More variety means players move the ball with more intent – and it looks more natural. They’ve also uppedContinue reading “NBA Live 16: E3 Game play trailer + Game play improvements”

NBA Live 15: Improved Graphics, Photos + Video

    The NBA Live team released some new screens and footage of them overhauling the graphics for NBA Live 15. Below are some screen shots comparing both NBA Live 14 and 15, and the difference is night and day. If you know anything about art, lighting is everything, and the team is making sureContinue reading “NBA Live 15: Improved Graphics, Photos + Video”