NBA Live 16: NBA Live 16: Paul George Vs LeBron James – Seek & Destroy – Part 2 (Video)

New video up on my Youtube channel (ThaLiveKing), Paul George said he’s ready to take on LeBron James, so he’s seeking to destroy and claim that top spot and hopefully a trip to his first ever NBA Finals. Can’t wait for the season to start!! TLK Don’t forget to like & subscribe to the channel,Continue reading “NBA Live 16: NBA Live 16: Paul George Vs LeBron James – Seek & Destroy – Part 2 (Video)”

NBA 2K17: You Hungry? Ft. Paul George

I remade NBA 2K’s Momentous trailer and put my own spin on it. Video is below, also check out my Youtube channel, like and subscribe if you like my content. Enjoy. Subscribe: ThaLiveKing on Youtube

FANDOM: Rooting For The Home Team Isn’t Mandatory

During the first round of the playoffs when the Toronto Raptors were facing off against the Indiana Pacers, most people that know I’m a Pacers would ask me, who are you rooting for? I would tell them the Pacers, with no hesitation. I knew the stakes living in the GTA, and the pressure on the RaptorsContinue reading “FANDOM: Rooting For The Home Team Isn’t Mandatory”

NBA Live 15: The Return Of Paul George (Trailer)

Paul George is out indefinitely this season, but his game will live through video games until he gets back. Check out this trailer I did for his possible return this season in NBA Live 15. Pacers could use him right now!!! For more videos all year, check out my Youtube page, also don’t forget toContinue reading “NBA Live 15: The Return Of Paul George (Trailer)”

Great Season For The Indiana Pacers

  (Paul George and Roy Hibbert show emotions after game 7 loss to Miami) Let me start off by saying, congratulations Indiana on a great season, as a life long fan of them, I am truly happy about what they accomplished this season. There were some predictions by so called experts at the start ofContinue reading “Great Season For The Indiana Pacers”

Keys to Success: Can Indiana Win Game 7 In Miami?

(Photo Courtesy of Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat is on Monday at 8:30pm. The Pacers are 3-7 on the road, they are known for their road struggles, so can they pull it off? Here’s what I believe are the keys to their success down in South Beach. Limit Turnovers:Continue reading “Keys to Success: Can Indiana Win Game 7 In Miami?”

Photos: Toronto Raptors Vs Indiana Pacers – March 1st 2013

The Indiana Pacers visited the Toronto Raptors for their final match up of the season, Raptors fell 93-81, Pacers were  led by Paul George and Roy Hibbert. The Raptors didn’t even show up for this one, something just ain’t right with this team, they have a lot to work on in the off season in bringing player that fitContinue reading “Photos: Toronto Raptors Vs Indiana Pacers – March 1st 2013”

Video: Toronto Raptors Home Opener Player Introduction (Live Footage)

I attended the Toronto Raptors home opener last night versus the Indiana Pacers, the player introduction was nice, have a look at the video below!! Follow me on Twitter @ThaLiveKing

How I Became A Fan of Reggie Miller + The Indiana Pacers

A lot of people ask me, how did I become an Indiana Pacers fan? I answer with one name, Reggie Miller. The whole story behind me becoming a fan and idolizing Reggie as a child is kind of humorous, because people expect some dramatic story. I don’t work like that, the truth is I reallyContinue reading “How I Became A Fan of Reggie Miller + The Indiana Pacers”


MILES PLUMLEE Player Profile: (NBA.COM) Strengths: *Good athlete *Exceptional rebounder *Good competitor Weaknesses: *Needs to continue to work on offensive skills What Do I Think: I was shocked that the Pacers selected this guy, I’m not going to lie. What seems to be the case for the selection is that, the Pacers were looking for anotherContinue reading “TLK NBA DRAFT GRADES: INDIANA PACERS”