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NBA Live 18: Kyrie Irving EAT. FOOD. Part 2 – Dribble God

August 12, 2017 Leave a comment

My first Montage video of the season for NBA Live 18. Enjoy. Like, Subscribe, more on the way. (

#NBALive18 demo is out now on Xbox One & PS4




NBA Live 16: Kyrie Irving – EAT. FOOD. #DefendTheLand

New NBA Live 16 montage mix featuring Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers eating up the Toronto Raptors. LeBron makes a few appearances also.

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Music by – Mantleography

#NBALive18 Coming Soon



New: NBA Live 14 + NBA 2K14 Screen Shots

October 14, 2013 Leave a comment

NBA Live 14: Victor Oladipo, Ricky Rubio, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Kemba Walker


Victor Oladipo Goes up for the Dunk in NBA LIVE 14


NBA 2K14: LeBron James – First Official Screen Shot

2k14 Next Gen


Both games will look amazing on the new next generation systems, but the difference will be that NBA Live will be more detailed artistically, but NBA 2K14 will look much more realistic.

It’s great to have competition back in the mix for basketball games, the home stretch is almost here, it will all come down to game play


NBA Live 14 Trailer + Trailer Screen Shots

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment

NBA Live 14 Official First Look Trailer is here:Β NBA Live 14 Trailer

Trailer looks good in my honest opinion. They’re showcasing the new BounceTek feature for the most part, so we’ll have to wait for more to be unveiled to see the balance between offense and defense, but so far so good!! I’m like everybody else, I’m going to reserve my judgement of the overall game play footage is released, Β I kind of have an idea of what to expect, but it will be nice to see how it all comes together!! Have any thoughts? Comment below or follow me on Twitter @ThaLiveKing


NBALive2 NBALive3 NBALive4 NBALive5

NBA Live 14: Kyrie Irving Officially Announced As Cover Athlete

NBA Live 14 E3 Demonstration Video

Machinima affiliate xHaVoC83x has posted a clip from the NBA Live 14 demonstration during EA’s press conference at E3 2013. It features executive producer Sean O’Brien and possible cover player Kyrie Irving on-stage talking about the game, running down the features that were added to the official website. The clip concludes with the CGI trailer that was posted earlier.


NBA Live 14 Screen Shot: Kyrie Vs Rubio

NBA Live 14 Screen Shot: Kyrie Vs Rubio

“Ignite” is the new Next-Gen Sports engine for EA Sports games, here’s the first look at NBA Live 14. Reminds me of NBA Live 09 graphic wise, but A LOT better looking than the NBA Live 13 videos from last year!!!

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