#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council

  EA Sports had news that came out yesterday that NBA Live 13 is being delayed indefinitely, and won’t be coming out on Oct. 2nd. To some it might anger you that this is the case, but honestly, this is the best case scenario for the franchise. I know the word in the forums thatContinue reading “#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council”

EA Sports Advisory Council Trip: NBA Live 13

Introduction: What’s up everybody, the name is Steve (Online known as ThaLiveKing) here, and YES, I have been chosen to be a part of the NBA Live 13 Advisory Council. I hail from the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. My NBA Live background goes like this, I been playing  EA basketball games since I wasContinue reading “EA Sports Advisory Council Trip: NBA Live 13”