NBA Live 16: Collision Offset Sliders

What’s up folks, it’s ya boy ThaLiveKing with another slider set for NBA Live 16. It’s been awhile since my last set, I’ve had people tell me they really love my sliders. I think this one tops them all though. The initial purpose of these sliders when I first tested them out was to seeContinue reading “NBA Live 16: Collision Offset Sliders”

NBA Live 16: Slider Set 3 + EA Broadcast Cam Recommended

These sliders are good enough for All-Star & Superstar difficulty. Sliders are the same for both CPU and User unless stated other wise. Also I recommend you play this game on the EA broadcast camera, the game feels like it was built to just play on this camera angle, to me, everything plays much muchContinue reading “NBA Live 16: Slider Set 3 + EA Broadcast Cam Recommended”

NBA Live 16: 2nd Realistic Sliders For Game Play- Post Patch 2

Spent two weeks with these sliders, only adjusting a few and felt these were the ones I was more comfortable with. I was looking for balance in free throw shooting, low points in the paint so that the CPU will have more mid-range shots, more turnovers, and reasonable shooting percentages. With this slider set, itContinue reading “NBA Live 16: 2nd Realistic Sliders For Game Play- Post Patch 2”

NBA Live 16: 4 Key Game Play Upgrades

Smoother Dribbling Fans will notice many small changes to gameplay in NBA LIVE 16 that improve ball handling – including dribble handoffs. “It’s a huge part of the NBA and it’s a new mechanic that’s going to open up so many different opportunities on the court,” says producer Connor Dougan. There are also new drivingContinue reading “NBA Live 16: 4 Key Game Play Upgrades”

NBA Live 16: Russell Westbrook Cover Athlete + Feature List

NBA LIVE FEATURES LIVE IS ALL ABOUT YOU The ultimate form of self-expression where everything you do matters – both on and off the court. LIVEMOTION Free your game with our physics-based player movement system – giving you unparalleled control and best-in-class animation. LIVE CONNECTED The freshest way to play ball. Ultimate Team, Dynasty, BigContinue reading “NBA Live 16: Russell Westbrook Cover Athlete + Feature List”

NBA Live 16: It’s Time for the Ball to be LIVE (@EASPORTSNBA #NBALIVE @EASPORTS)

Two years ago we heard the words “released to physics” involving the basketball in NBA Live, but we have yet to experience that two years later. What’s the hold up? This game has a lot of potential to be something, but it continues to be something that’s not. There has been a lot of problemsContinue reading “NBA Live 16: It’s Time for the Ball to be LIVE (@EASPORTSNBA #NBALIVE @EASPORTS)”

NBA Live 15: King James “The Silence” (@KingJames)

LeBron James returns home to Cleveland, then square off versus the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. With the game on the line LeBron hits the go ahead bucket, then hits the Heat with his “The Silence” celebration, check it out Don’t forget to subscribe and like the video, also comment if you likeContinue reading “NBA Live 15: King James “The Silence” (@KingJames)”

NBA Live 15: The Return Of Paul George (Trailer)

Paul George is out indefinitely this season, but his game will live through video games until he gets back. Check out this trailer I did for his possible return this season in NBA Live 15. Pacers could use him right now!!! For more videos all year, check out my Youtube page, also don’t forget toContinue reading “NBA Live 15: The Return Of Paul George (Trailer)”