NBA LIVE 15: First Official Game play (Twitch Stream Archive)

In case you missed the stream earlier, the guys over there at Tiburon Studios showcased some game play of NBA Live 15. The game looks much improved, and looks like a lot of animations have been added to the game. I suggest, when you watch the video, to just look at the little things thatContinue reading “NBA LIVE 15: First Official Game play (Twitch Stream Archive)”

NBA Live 15: Screen Shots of All NBA Arenas

Watching an NBA game on TV is one thing, but it’s a whole other experience to sit in the stands and take it all in live. Thanks to new scanning technology, we’re able to breathe life into arenas from across the league and bring out bring out each location’s unique character. We’ve also improved theContinue reading “NBA Live 15: Screen Shots of All NBA Arenas”

NBA Live 15 News: Sean O’Brien Podcast With @TheNLSC

  My friends over at the NLSC ( released a 2-hours podcast with Sean O’Brien, the executive producer of NBA Live 15. It is a very detailed interview and informative interview about the upcoming release and they ask a lot of good questions regarding game play, dynasty and game features. It’s all we have untilContinue reading “NBA Live 15 News: Sean O’Brien Podcast With @TheNLSC”

Photo: NBA Live 15 And NBA 2K15 Graphics Comparison

Which game looks better? The edge goes to NBA Live 15. I’m not a fan of the blurry lines around the players that 2K does, but both games look graphically beautiful. Click for higher resolution. What do you guys think? Follow me on Twitter @ThaLiveKing

NBA 2K15: Four New Official Screen Shots

NBA 2K released some brand new screens of their game today, while the player models look life like, I don’t like the textures of the players, mainly the pimples and markings on the face looked pasted on. What do you guys think? Click for Higher Resolution Sergio Rodriguez Norris Cole and Udonis Haslem Kevin DurantContinue reading “NBA 2K15: Four New Official Screen Shots”

NBA Live 15: Damian Lillard Screen Shot (High Resolution)

The full high resolution screen shot was posted by the Live Team earlier today, the graphics are looking incredible for NBA Live 15. Click for the full size.  What do you guys think? Follow me on twitter @ThaLiveKing