NBA Live 15: Improved Graphics, Photos + Video

    The NBA Live team released some new screens and footage of them overhauling the graphics for NBA Live 15. Below are some screen shots comparing both NBA Live 14 and 15, and the difference is night and day. If you know anything about art, lighting is everything, and the team is making sureContinue reading “NBA Live 15: Improved Graphics, Photos + Video”

Photos + Video: Toronto Raptors Home Opener Vs Boston Celtics

The Toronto Raptors ended up beating the Boston Celtics 93-87 in their home opener, great game to start off the season PHOTOS: Me with the Dance Pak Smoke After The Intro Live VIDEO: Raptors Introduction Video Terrence Ross Half Time Buzzer Beater:

NBA Live Next-Gen Needs: Falling Down, Hard Collision Animations

Falling down, hard collision animations: NBA Live in next generation needs this, because it creates unpredictability in the game play. In past game players would finish at the rim, and just land on two feet like cats. It was really an annoying aspect of the game. In the NHL once a player gets caught outContinue reading “NBA Live Next-Gen Needs: Falling Down, Hard Collision Animations”

Great Season For The Indiana Pacers

  (Paul George and Roy Hibbert show emotions after game 7 loss to Miami) Let me start off by saying, congratulations Indiana on a great season, as a life long fan of them, I am truly happy about what they accomplished this season. There were some predictions by so called experts at the start ofContinue reading “Great Season For The Indiana Pacers”

Toronto Raptors ReBranding: Possible Names

Here’s some names that come to mind when thinking of a new name for the Toronto NBA Franchise. Things that relate to the city some how rather than a dinosaur that’s been extinct for millions of years Huskies Internationals Towers/Scrapers Raccoons Red Fox Coyotes Ikea Monkey (LOL) Underground What do you think? My favourite oneContinue reading “Toronto Raptors ReBranding: Possible Names”