Keys to Success: Can Indiana Win Game 7 In Miami?

(Photo Courtesy of Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat is on Monday at 8:30pm. The Pacers are 3-7 on the road, they are known for their road struggles, so can they pull it off? Here’s what I believe are the keys to their success down in South Beach. Limit Turnovers:Continue reading “Keys to Success: Can Indiana Win Game 7 In Miami?”

Photos: Toronto Raptors Vs Indiana Pacers – March 1st 2013

The Indiana Pacers visited the Toronto Raptors for their final match up of the season, Raptors fell 93-81, Pacers were  led by Paul George and Roy Hibbert. The Raptors didn’t even show up for this one, something just ain’t right with this team, they have a lot to work on in the off season in bringing player that fitContinue reading “Photos: Toronto Raptors Vs Indiana Pacers – March 1st 2013”

Rudy Gay: Toronto Raptors Debut (Photos + Video)

Attended the Rudy Gay Debut in Toronto on February 1st 2013!!  Great game for the Raptors because they needed the win. I’m glad we got Rudy, I been a fan of his since his UCONN days, and I believe he can be the game changer that the Raptors desperately needs. We’ll see how it goes.Continue reading “Rudy Gay: Toronto Raptors Debut (Photos + Video)”

Photos, Video: Toronto Sports Sunday: Raptors Vs Spurs + Argo Fans Celebrate

Raptors lost in Double Overtime, 111 – 106 to San Antonio Footage Of The Raptors/Spurs Game Here’s some pics of the fans celebrating Here’s some footage by @Mantleography

Video: Toronto Raptors Home Opener Player Introduction (Live Footage)

I attended the Toronto Raptors home opener last night versus the Indiana Pacers, the player introduction was nice, have a look at the video below!! Follow me on Twitter @ThaLiveKing

TLK Sports: NBA Standings Projecton | East & West

Eastern Conference: Boston Celtics Miami Heat Indiana Pacers Chicago Bulls Brooklyn Nets New York Knicks Toronto Raptors Orlando Magic Western Conference: San Antonio Spurs Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Clippers Memphis Grizzlies Houston Rockets Utah Jazz League MVP: Rajon Rondo

#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council

  EA Sports had news that came out yesterday that NBA Live 13 is being delayed indefinitely, and won’t be coming out on Oct. 2nd. To some it might anger you that this is the case, but honestly, this is the best case scenario for the franchise. I know the word in the forums thatContinue reading “#NBALive13 Update: Advisory Council”

How I Became A Fan of Reggie Miller + The Indiana Pacers

A lot of people ask me, how did I become an Indiana Pacers fan? I answer with one name, Reggie Miller. The whole story behind me becoming a fan and idolizing Reggie as a child is kind of humorous, because people expect some dramatic story. I don’t work like that, the truth is I reallyContinue reading “How I Became A Fan of Reggie Miller + The Indiana Pacers”

Raptors Don’t Need A Saviour, They Need To Build The Right Way

Let me say this before I begin, if Steve Nash did come to Toronto, I wouldn’t be angry or upset at his decision either. Now with that out the way, understand that Steve Nash not coming to Toronto, is probably the best scenario for both parties. When you look at Colangelo’s history in Phoenix comparedContinue reading “Raptors Don’t Need A Saviour, They Need To Build The Right Way”