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NBA Live 18: Post All-Star Patch Sliders (Feb. 2018)

February 24, 2018 Leave a comment

NBA LIVE 18 The One Edition (156)

I might have some slight adjustments in the future but these are my current sliders post All Star patch for February 2018. I’ve had some amazing games with these sliders, game play videos are below. Hit me up on twitter or YouTube (@ThaLiveKing) and let me know if you like em or not. Sliders are the same for both User & CPU unless separated by a slash.

Minor update (2/28): I moved the post shooting slider from 70-80

All-Star | Game Speed 80 | 12 Minutes | Auto Subs Off | Ratings + Skill

Inside shooting: 60
Med Range: 80
Three-point shooting: 40
Free throw: 50
Post shooting: 80
Lay up: 40
Post move: 60
Dunk Frequency: 40
Reach in Fouls: 10/30
Jump Shot Fouls: 60
Post Shot Fouls: 70
Lay Up Fouls: 60
Dunk Fouls: 60
Offensive Air: 50
Offensive Ground: 50
Defensive Air: 50
Defensive Ground: 50
Steal Success: 20 or 30
Alley-Oop: 50
Shots off Dribble: 50
Shot Contest: 50
Shot Blocking: 40
Offensive Rebounding: 60
Off-Ball Push Freq: 50
Off-Ball Push Success: 50
Off-Ball Jostle: 50
Jostle vs Blow-by: *20
Dribble Move: 20

* If you feel fast breaks aren’t as fluid turn Jostle vs Blow-by up more to your liking, the reason why I have it low is to courage ball movement by the user and CPU. A lot of game play videos I’ve watched others play, y’all just bully your way into the paint, not with these sliders lol. Also USER and CPU will rely heavily on stars to win games now.

Game Play Videos:

Rockets vs Blazers: James Harden Game Winner

Raptors vs Celtics: 1st Quarter | Playoff Atmosphere

Pelicans vs Timberwolves: Down to the Wire | 4th Quarter

Game play stats: 






Play NBA Live 18 At EA PLAY in JUNE

March 24, 2017 Leave a comment


(Screen Shot is NBA Live 16)

“So let’s get to it. From June 10 – 12, players joining us in Hollywood will get hands on with the next Star Wars™ Battlefront and Need for Speed™ experiences. You’ll also get your first chance to play a many of our upcoming EA SPORTS™ titles: Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 and NBA LIVE 18. This isn’t all, by the way…and we’ll have more to share in the coming months.”

Check the video for my thoughts: Also Like + Subscribe cause Live 18 content is coming.

NBA Live 17 News – Upgraded Animations & Graphics, New Ways To Play Modes

November 24, 2016 Leave a comment

Check the video for my thoughts on the news that dropped,  get ready for NBA Live 17!

“EA pushed back the release of NBA Live 17. Normally a fall release, it’s now clear the game won’t hit shelves until 2017. EA brought in a new team to revamp the series.

FOX13’s Chris Cato spoke with senior producer Mike Mahar. He declined to give a specific time frame on the game’s release, saying only it will come out “sometime in the calendar year 2017”. But he did hint that there will be some big changes and he essentially promised the animation will be better. See a portion of his interview here, including his answers to critics”

Video: Senior Producer Mike Mahar talks NBA Live 17

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NBA Live 15: NBA Live’s future ‘Guaranteed’ (@Polygon + @TheNLSC) #NBALIVE15

October 19, 2014 Leave a comment


Some people were wondering whether NBA Live’s future was in question after this year, apparently it’s not. Sean O’Brien states that EA Sports has no intention of giving up on the franchise, and that production on NBA Live 16 and 17 are are go. My friends over at the NBA Live Series Center released a podcast with O’Brien on Friday and restated that EA has their backs. Also Polygon released an article today (Oct 19th) stating the same thing.

Quoting the article: Here is the guarantee O’Brien will make, though: NBA Live 15 will be better than NBA Live 14 by about this much, he says, holding one hand about a foot above the other. And then NBA Live 16 will be here, he says, sitting up to reach higher. “So, you’re guaranteeing there will be an NBA Live 16,” I say.”Guaranteed.” O’Brien says. “We’ve already started development on 16. We’re staffing up. We’re actually increasing investment on what 16 — and 17 — look like.”

This should make NBA Live fans happy as the future was in question. Still NBA Live 15 has to show a huge improvement over NBA Live 14, and a lot of people are sceptical on this year’s release due to the lack of game play videos. If you didn’t know there’s the EA Access trial on October 23rd, and demo’s being released on the 28th. Users will be able to try the game before they pay full price for it. Check the links below and keep up to date with every thing NBA Live.


THE NLSC Podcast with Sean O’Brien:


Enjoy. Stay Tuned next week for more information, and subscribe to my Youtube channel ThaLiveKing for game play videos this coming Thursday

#NBALIVESEASON is almost here


NBA Live 15 News: Sean O’Brien Podcast With @TheNLSC

August 13, 2014 Leave a comment



My friends over at the NLSC ( released a 2-hours podcast with Sean O’Brien, the executive producer of NBA Live 15. It is a very detailed interview and informative interview about the upcoming release and they ask a lot of good questions regarding game play, dynasty and game features. It’s all we have until they release footage of the game, which usually comes last, but from what I heard in the interview, the game play got overhauled and is probably one of the best NBA Live games, game play wise, to date. Check the interview below.

Podcast Link:

Also, NBA Live 15 is at Gamecom in Germany right now being reviewed by media personnel only, so a lot more hands on articles should be hitting the net real soon. Just be patient as EA is taking a different approach with NBA Live 15 compared to their other games. 

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NBA Live 15: Improved Graphics, Photos + Video



The NBA Live team released some new screens and footage of them overhauling the graphics for NBA Live 15. Below are some screen shots comparing both NBA Live 14 and 15, and the difference is night and day. If you know anything about art, lighting is everything, and the team is making sure the lighting is correct so that the visuals stand out more so when you ‘re playing the game, it looks like an actual TV broadcast. Scroll down for the photos and the video they released today.

Here are the screens from the blog:
nba-live-15-visuals-1 nba-live-15-visuals-2 nba-live-15-visuals-3 nba-live-15-visuals-4 nba-live-15-visuals-5

These were screen capped from the video below, The Celtics floor looks beautiful.Live15Celtics NBALive15Rim

Graphical Improvements Video:

If you want to check out the article posted today by the team visit:

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Toronto to host NBA All-Star 2016 + Drake Raptors Ambassador

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Toronto to host NBA All-Star 2016 + Drake Raptors Ambassador

Official Release:
Posted Sep 30, 2013 11:11 AM

TORONTO — Toronto has been selected to host NBA All-Star 2016, NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver announced today. The Honourable Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport; Toronto Mayor Rob Ford; Chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Larry Tanenbaum; Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment President and CEO Tim Leiweke; Toronto Raptors President & General Manager Masai Ujiri; and Grammy® Award-winning artist and Raptors Global Ambassador Drake joined Deputy Commissioner Silver for the announcement at the Air Canada Centre.

For the rest of the article visit:

Excited for the City of Toronto, I hope I can attend atleast one of the events, we all know how much those tickets are going to cost lol!!!

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