Are The Next Gen Consoles Being Over Hyped? I Think So | Podcast #xbox #PS5

This is just a video of me speaking my mind on next generation. While I still plan on upgrading my Xbox console at some point, I might even have both at some point, I just feel that there’s no urgency on upgrading right now. Xbox offers more value for their console over the PS5 atContinue reading “Are The Next Gen Consoles Being Over Hyped? I Think So | Podcast #xbox #PS5”

NBA Live 16: Tim Duncan Appreciation Tribute #21

NBA Live 2000 cover athlete has retired from the NBA, so it was only right to give him a proper NBA Live appreciation video. Tim Duncan is a Spurs Legend and first ballot NBA Hall of Famer, check the video below and relive some of the best moments of his career.   Like + SubscribeContinue reading “NBA Live 16: Tim Duncan Appreciation Tribute #21”

NHL 17 Beta: Game Play Videos

NHL 17: Quick Review of EASHL EASHL: Carolina Hurricanes Vs NY Rangers Head To Head: Edmonton Oilers Vs St. Louis Blues Head To Head: Florida Panthers Vs Dallas Stars Hockey Ultimate Team: Toronto Maple Leafs Vs TLK Penguins For more sports gaming videos follow my YouTube Channel Here: ThaLiveKing On YouTube Also Check Out: Reason Why TheContinue reading “NHL 17 Beta: Game Play Videos”

NBA Live 16: NBA Finals Hype Videos

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – LET’S GO CAVS GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – LET’S GO WARRIORS   GOLDEN STATE V CLEVELAND – GAME PLAY VIDEO – 4th Quarter Action   ENJOY PREDICTION: I got the Warriors in 6, Cleveland’s defense won’t be able to contain Golden State in the long run. Plus Golden State’s bench will be theContinue reading “NBA Live 16: NBA Finals Hype Videos”

Speak On It: Should Ultimate Team & MyTeam Modes Be Arcade?

I have been having a problem staying in Live Ultimate Team this year, even touched NBA 2K’s MyTeam, but my interest level has dropped for the modes. In NBA Live 15, I loved Ultimate Team, mainly because the game play in the Tip Off mode wasn’t fun at all. I actually took time to buildContinue reading “Speak On It: Should Ultimate Team & MyTeam Modes Be Arcade?”

NBA Live 16: Realistic Sliders For Game Play + Video Added

New Set: NBA Live 16: 2nd Realistic Sliders For Game Play- Post Patch 2 Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with the majority of the sliders turned up to the max. There was a few things that bothered me, the shooting % was way too high (obviously), there were no turnovers, CPU was ableContinue reading “NBA Live 16: Realistic Sliders For Game Play + Video Added”

NBA Live 16: It’s Time for the Ball to be LIVE (@EASPORTSNBA #NBALIVE @EASPORTS)

Two years ago we heard the words “released to physics” involving the basketball in NBA Live, but we have yet to experience that two years later. What’s the hold up? This game has a lot of potential to be something, but it continues to be something that’s not. There has been a lot of problemsContinue reading “NBA Live 16: It’s Time for the Ball to be LIVE (@EASPORTSNBA #NBALIVE @EASPORTS)”

NBA Live 15: Remembering Vince Carter (@mrvincecarter15)

Vince Carter, the best Raptor of All Time because of his impact on the game in Toronto, and Canada as a whole. Sometimes we need to just focus on the positive things he did for the city of Toronto rather than the negatives, because in the end, we all learn from our mistakes. The FutureContinue reading “NBA Live 15: Remembering Vince Carter (@mrvincecarter15)”

NBA Live 15: Learn The Controls #NBALIVE15

EA has posted all the control schemes for NBA Live 15 on one page. Study them, analyse them, memorize them so when you buy the game tomorrow, you’ll be ahead of the game. Check the link below for the controls. NBA Live 15 Tips and Tricks Hub: – ThaLiveKing