NBA Live 18: Vince Carter – VINSANITY | Spotlight

This week’s spotlight features Vince Carter feelin’ at home in his Toronto Raptors jersey. He’s been turning back the clock as of late, one performance that stands out is the game against the Cavs where he out played LeBron James for the W. Music by @Mantleography Don’t forget to like + subscribe TLK *Updated NBAContinue reading “NBA Live 18: Vince Carter – VINSANITY | Spotlight”

My Top 3 Dunks Of All TIME!!!

You know, since Blake Griffin crowned Kendrick Perkins, there’s been speculation about the greatest dunk of ALL TIME. While everybody has their picks, I feel I should let people know what mine are. I love power over finesse when it comes to crowning a defender so you will expect that in my top 3. SoContinue reading “My Top 3 Dunks Of All TIME!!!”