NBA Live 16: High Resolution Screen Shots

Source: Polyon – – ThaLiveKing

NBA Live 15: Screen Shots of All NBA Arenas

Watching an NBA game on TV is one thing, but it’s a whole other experience to sit in the stands and take it all in live. Thanks to new scanning technology, we’re able to breathe life into arenas from across the league and bring out bring out each location’s unique character. We’ve also improved theContinue reading “NBA Live 15: Screen Shots of All NBA Arenas”

NBA Live 15: Quicken Loan Arena – Cleveland, Ohio

Click to Enlarge.  The detail looks amazing, the crowd actually looks packed compared to NBA Live 14. The lights look much softer, I never was a fan of the hard light EA used in their games, made the players look unnatural. Can’t wait for more photos, it’s almost time for the wave of news forContinue reading “NBA Live 15: Quicken Loan Arena – Cleveland, Ohio”

NBA 2K15: Four New Official Screen Shots

NBA 2K released some brand new screens of their game today, while the player models look life like, I don’t like the textures of the players, mainly the pimples and markings on the face looked pasted on. What do you guys think? Click for Higher Resolution Sergio Rodriguez Norris Cole and Udonis Haslem Kevin DurantContinue reading “NBA 2K15: Four New Official Screen Shots”