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NBA Live 18 – Saturday & Sunday Raw Hands-On Impressions

Saturday: Just some thoughts right after Saturday’s event of EA Play, talking about the new in NBA Live 18. I was tired, but the first impressions are fresh and not scripted. I’m talking about dribbling, camera angles, sliders, game speed and more.

NBA Live 18 – Saturday Hands-On Raw Impressions – WOW moments


Sunday: My second day with the game, I was more in depth on Sunday of the show. I did not talk about rebounding, but the animations were a lot better, still needed some cleaning up but overall, I was impressed with the rebounds. This video I’m talking about playing on different difficulties and slider setting in NBA Live 18.

NBA Live 18 – Play Styles, Difficulty, Sliders In Depth Un-Cut Hands-On Impressions


NBA Live 16: Kyrie Irving – EAT. FOOD. #DefendTheLand

New NBA Live 16 montage mix featuring Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers eating up the Toronto Raptors. LeBron makes a few appearances also.

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Music by – Mantleography

#NBALive18 Coming Soon



NBA 2K17: You Hungry? Ft. Paul George

September 14, 2016 Leave a comment

I remade NBA 2K’s Momentous trailer and put my own spin on it. Video is below, also check out my Youtube channel, like and subscribe if you like my content. Enjoy.

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NHL 17: World Cup of Hockey Game Play

September 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Here’s some World Cup of Hockey game play footage using the broadcast camerain NHL 17. Getting ready for the tournament next week!!

Canada Vs. USA

Russia Vs. Sweden

NHL 17: Balance Between Arcade & Simulation Sliders – Updated 9/27

September 10, 2016 Leave a comment

*Updated Sliders January 2017: NHL 17 January 2017 Sliders

What’s up people, if you’re playing NHL 17 and need some good sliders to play against the CPU, these might be good for you. In the video I have the game speed at 2/6, but the game plays just as well if you set it to 1/6. I’m big with player movement and I feel the game plays smooth with these as well as reduces the cheesing by the CPU. I like balance between great game play and realism, and sometimes you have to have a little arcade in the mix to enjoy it.

Difficulty is set a Pro level with5 minute Periods. I normally play 10 mins, but I want to get a lot of games in with my EA Access trial. The slider set is in the first video below along with an epic game I had between the Red Wings and Panthers, which finished in a shoot out. Let me know what you guys think, follow me on twitter @thaliveking



*Game play Version: Always save a new one

Game Style – CUSTOM

Attribute Effects: 6

Broken Stick Frequency: 33

Game Speed: 2/6

Fatigue Effect: 55

Fatigue Recovery: 45

Injury Occurrence: 50


Back Skating: 50

Hustle Type: Authentic

Puck Carrier Agility: 55

Puck Carrier Skating: 55

Player Acceleration: 85

Skating Speed: 60

Skating Agility: 65


One Timer Accuracy: 45

Shot Accuracy: 55

Shot Power: 50

Slap Shot Accuracy: 45

Slap Shot Power: 50


Manual Passing: On

Pass Assist: 35

Pass Speed: MIN: 35 – MAX: 50

Saucer Pass Speed: 50

Pass Accuracy: 40

Pass Interceptions: 65

Pass Reception Ease: 20

Reception Reaction Time: 30

Puck Control Rating Effect: 55

Puck Speed Reception Effect: 70

Pickup Type Effect: 40

Bouncing Puck Receptions: 40

Puck Control

Incidental Contact Puck Loss: Stick, Legs and Body

Incidental Stick Contact Immunity: 15

Puck Control: 33

Deking Impact: 30

Spin Deke Impact: 55

Skating Impact: 35


Goalie Cover Frequency: 33

Goalie Passing: 70

Goalie Cross Crease Reaction Time: 60

Goalie Save Reaction Time: 50

Goalie Deflection Reaction Time: 48

Goalie Screen Effect: 65

Goalie Screen Persistence: 60


Board Effect Non-Puck Carrier: 33

Board Effect Puck Carrier: 0

Hitting Assistance: 15

Stumble Threshold: 55

Aggression: 33

Hitting Power: 50

Size Effect: 38

Speed Effect: 40

Checking/Balance Rating Effect: 83

Preparedness Effect: 60

Incidental Contact Effect: 20

Poke Checking Range: 5

Poke Checking Accuracy: 30

Poke Checking Power: 50

Stick Lift Effectiveness: 90 *Broken*


CPU Penalties: 40

CPU Teammate Penalties: 33

Tripping: 47

Slashing: 50

Elbowing: 20

High Sticking: 50

Cross Checking: 50

Boarding: 50

Charging: 50

Delay of Game: 50

Holding: 50

Hooking: 50

Interference: 83


Sliders Video:

Epic Game: Panthers vs Red Wings – Game Speed at 2/6

Nashville Predators Vs Calgary Flames – Game Speed 1/6

More Videos Here: ThaLiveKing on YouTube

NBA Live 16: Collision Offset Sliders


What’s up folks, it’s ya boy ThaLiveKing with another slider set for NBA Live 16. It’s been awhile since my last set, I’ve had people tell me they really love my sliders. I think this one tops them all though. The initial purpose of these sliders when I first tested them out was to see if I can reduce some of the sticking that was going on in the half court, it was really bothering me. So I came up with the idea that if I unbalanced the collision sliders, along with some others, I might be able to some what fix the problem. I adjusted these back in February, a few weeks after the other slider set that I released, and have been playing with them ever since. Another trick, is that I disconnected from the EA Servers while playing the game, because I wanted to see how the game would play without synergy in the background, and came away amazed of how the game was playing. Synergy to me, poses a lot of problem with the game play, I’m the type that would rather play a game with the ratings & plays impacting the game only. I have a video below to showcase a game with these sliders and was amazed how much fun I was having. If you go back and play NBA Live 15, same thing, I don’t think there’s any data updating in that game, and the game play is much better than when the game was getting data, I COULD BE WRONG, but I’ve been playing the game long enough to feel the difference. Anyways, check the sliders below, and click on the video to see the game play, also leave a comment in YouTube if you’ve tried the sliders, I definitely want feedback.

NBA Live 16 Offset Sliders:

Numbers in BOLD are minor tweaks. Best Slider Set I’ve Done

Game Play Difficulty: All Star

*Disconnect from the EA Servers, it’s optional, but give it a try.

Slider Type: USER/CPU

Inside: 20/10

Med: 30/30

Three: 50/50

FT: 80/80

Post: 30/30

Lay up: 30/30

Post Move: 30/30

Dunk: 40/40

ALL FOULS: 100/100

Off Air Collision: 70/40

Off Ground Collision: 100/90

Steal: 10/80

Alley Oop: 40/40

Shots Off Dribble: 20/80

Shot Contest: 80/70

Shot Block: 90/90

Off Rebound: 10/0

Off-ball Push: 60/30

Off-ball Push Success: 60/30

Off-ball Jostle: 70/30

Jostle vs Blow-by: 30/30

Dribble Reaction: 70/30

Some of the sliders are set the wrong way under the hood, that’s why I have USER steals at 10 rather than 90, the USER can get more steals at 10, and the CPU can cause more turnovers at 80. I’ve done a lot of testing with these sliders, so the numbers may look questionable, but there’s a good reason why. Also, the game will balance itself out, if you’re making a crazy amount of threes, I guarantee you will start missing them at some point, so you’re going to have to balance your attack. I wish EA would let us edit Roster ratings, that’s something I miss doing, because some of the logic can be fixed, but due to the rating NUMBER, it has to be that. The NHL dev team rates a lot of their players high because they know it will affect game play and they want the best experience possible, in basketball games, the ratings determine egos and it’s some what bad for the game play.

Check the video below with these sliders, try them out, and let me know what you think

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Walkthrough

March 15, 2016 Leave a comment


(Photo courtesy of TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan on Facebook)

One of my most anticipated games of 2016 has a walk-through courtesy of IGN. For anyone interested the link is below, what do you guys think? Can’t wait!!

Link: TMNT: Out Of The Shadows (Walk through) 

I will have videos on my YOUTUBE channel once this game drops. Stay Tuned





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